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Cambridge University Researchers Develop VR Tool for Cancer Treatment

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Virtual reality software has become an unlikely tool in the fight against cancer.

To help doctors better understand how cancer is treated, a video game designer and cancer researcher teamed up at the University of Cambridge, England, to turn spreadsheet data into highly detailed VR images of cancer cells. Converted. report(opens in new window).

The university’s IMAXT lab turned brain-shattering numbers and data into interactive 3D images of tumors. This allows researchers to easily distinguish between cancer cells. This is because different cell types have different colors and shapes.

with the help of VR headsetDoctors and researchers can essentially step inside a patient’s tumor, making it easier to assess the severity and origin of cancer cells. The aim of the tool is to give better insight into how tumors can be treated, its makers say.

This VR tool was created with funding from Cancer Grand Challenges, a global fundraising platform co-founded by Cancer Research UK and the National Cancer Institute. The scientists who worked on this platform hail from Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, the UK and the US.

Own Harris, Principal Video Game Designer at IMAXT Laboratory, told ITV News: Photo.

“We can see how certain types of cells are located next to blood vessels and ducts, which could be important for the patient’s future prognosis.”

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Professor Greg Hannon, director of Cancer Research UK’s Cambridge lab, told ITV that the VR tool “had the prognostic ability to predict patient outcomes” in a way “better than other techniques”.

IMAXT Labs did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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