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Boise Born Virtual Reality Fitness Game is a Nationwide Hit

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virtual reality. What was meaningless 15 years ago is now easily available. Virtual reality settings can be seen in most arcades today. I recently saw it on Dave and Busters and Wahooz. Virtual reality headsets that are as simple as plugging in your phone and downloading a virtual reality app are pretty cheap right now.

All technology comes with advancement, and the world of VR is taking leaps and bounds. An incredibly groundbreaking VR step has taken place here in Boise. Black Box VR Interactive fitness virtual reality. This is the world’s first location-based virtual reality workout. It combines real resistance training with cardio. Black Box was co-developed by Ryan Deluca. If you’re local, you might know the name as the Boise guy who sold Bodybuilding.com for his over $100 million. Since then, creating Black Box VR has been his passion project.

Black Box VR has been featured on Business Insider, Gizmodo, Today, Mashable, The Verge, BBC and more.by Black Box VR The website describes it as “an experience that redefines fitness on a fundamental level. Heroes field warrior units, deploy direct damage, breach opposing gates, and experience real resistance to destroy enemy crystals.” Perform movements that involve a session consisting of as many rounds as possible in 30 minutes.”

Check out this video on how Black Box VR works. You can clearly see the BSU logo appearing numerous times on national videos in honor of Boise State University and Boise Idaho, home of this massive project.

Black Box VR just signed a major nationwide deal, and it’s kind of the first in the country. Their fitness VR game is set up and available to members at ios fitness locations nationwide. I think these will be a big hit and this Boise-based company will have units in every gym in the country.

Some eos fitness gyms already have Black Box set up and their members love it.

It’s great to see what people in the Boise community are creating. 🙂

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