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Black Friday VR deals 2022 day three: best offers and discounts

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the third day of Black Friday 2022 There are already great discounts on various consoles and games, including discounts on virtual reality headsets like. meta quest 2, HTC Vive, valve indexWhen HP Reverb.

In this article, we’ll show you all the best places to find discounted VR headsets during the Black Friday sale as the weekend draws to a close. We’ll also list some of the best VR games to look for discounts on today.We’ll keep updating this as we see more Black Friday deals for VR coming up, but we also encourage you to follow along. . Jelly Deals Twitter For updates and other technology and game deals.

Best deals on Black Friday VR headsets



Meta Quest 2 128GB – Resident Evil 4 Bundle – $350 at Amazon

128GB Meta Quest 2 headset with two controllers, Beat Saber and Resident Evil 4.

Meta Quest 2 128GB – Resident Evil 4 Bundle – $350 at Best Buy

128GB Meta Quest 2 headset with two controllers, Beat Saber and Resident Evil 4.

Meta Quest 2 256GB – Resident Evil 4 Bundle – $430 at Amazon

256GB Meta Quest 2 headset with 2 controllers: Beat Saber and Resident Evil 4.

Playstation – VR Marvel’s Iron Man VR Bundle- $200 (previously $215) at Best Buy

Includes PlayStation VR Headset, PlayStation Camera, PlayStation Camera Adapter, 2 PlayStation Move Motion Controllers, Marvel’s Iron Man VR Voucher, and PlayStation VR Demo Collection 3 Voucher.

HP Reverb G2 Virtual Reality Headset – $299 (previously $599) at HP

Comes with VR headset, 6m headset cable for desktop and mobile PC, 2 motion controllers, 1 DisplayPort to mini-DisplayPort adapter, USB-C to A adapter and 1 power adapter.

Black Friday Meta Quest, HTC Vive, Valve Index, HP Reverb Sale

There are four big names in the VR headset space, each with their own characteristics and unique selling points. If you just want to get started with VR gaming, the Meta Quest 2 and Vive Cosmos headsets are available for £400/$400 and are easy to set up and start experiencing VR. Beyond those two, the HP Reverb costs £600/$600 and has a better screen and better audio thanks to some cool in-ear speakers.

If you want to get serious about VR, whether for gaming or professional work, the Valve Index headset + controllers start at £689/$689, or the full VR kit for $919/$919 . The Vive also has more professional headsets, with the Pro 2 and Focus 3 kits around £1300/$1300.

The best place to buy a VR headset is directly from the manufacturer’s website. For Vive headsets, Reverb and Valve Index may be the only place to buy. The sale is on though, so hopefully we’ll see discounts throughout Black Friday, and Meta Quest buyers will have the headset widely available on his website at: curries, ArgosWhen Amazon UK and best buy When Amazon In the US, you should also see some discounts. Where to buy VR headsets:



VR Gaming Black Friday Sale

There are many great VR games out there right now, including some very popular RPGs. skyrim When fallout 4 We currently have a VR version and games for VR such as: half life alix This is a borderline masterpiece. We also have VR essentials. beat saber This is almost a right of passage for VR gaming. in America and England, humble is the best place to get VR games for less. Hopefully you’ll find big discounts on VR games this Black Friday weekend.

this page and Jelly Deals Twitter You can see there are even more VR deals on Black Friday weekend. If you’re still sticking with your standard console, we have a guide to best prepare you. Xbox Black Friday Sale, PS5 Black Friday OfferWhen Nintendo Switch Black Friday Discount that too.

Do I need a console or PC to use my VR headset?

not anymore! Older VR headsets had to connect to a PC or console to run games, and often needed a base station to aid in tracking. Many headsets today are completely wireless and don’t need to be connected to anything.The Meta Quest 2, Steam Deck, HP Reverb and most Vive headsets don’t need to be connected to a PC or console, just a base Stations are not required, but some headsets have a base station option for improved tracking.

Will retailers offer Oculus Black Friday deals?

Meta (formerly Facebook) renamed its Oculus line of headsets to Meta Quest, so you’ll be looking for Meta Quest 2 deals from retailers this Black Friday weekend. Hopefully some of the retailers mentioned in the article above will be doing his Meta Quest deals this Black Friday. Last year it wasn’t. Instead, the retailer was offering a £50/$50 gift card with his Quest purchases, but with Meta Quest 2’s price increase, discounts are likely to apply this Black Friday. .

How much will VR headsets cost on Black Friday?

This depends on the headset you’re trying to get. Meta Quest 2 and Vive Cosmos headsets start at £400/$400, so if you see a £100/$100 discount, you could be in VR for around £300/$300. Otherwise, you could be paying close to £1,400 / $1,400 for a professional VR headset with a base station and additional accessories. So a good Black Friday deal could drop similar options to around £1,000/$1,000.

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