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Best of 2022, On Exhibit: Van Gogh still washing over visitors; Walter offered ‘Breath’ that refreshed

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In 2022, the metropolitan area’s museums and art galleries will have no shortage of interesting exhibits.

Some of the most exciting things have come out of Electric City, including a new sculpture park and a nationally touring Van Gogh show. Outside the city, some of the best shows spotlighted artists working in the region, notably Takeis Walter’s ‘A Breath of Fresh Air’ and John Van Alstein’s ‘Transformations’.

Here are some of the most notable exhibits for 2022.

Van Gogh of Schenectady

This one tops the list because of all the topics that surround it. “Van Gogh: An Immersive Experience” It opened at Armory Studios in May and has remained popular, extending its run several times.

With its towering projections of Vincent van Gogh’s works, prints, drawing rooms, and virtual reality experiences, the exhibit attracted thousands of viewers.

It contains about 400 representations of the artist’s drawings and paintings throughout his life.

The virtual reality experience is another highlight, taking viewers on a journey through ‘A Day in the Life of an Artist’, ‘Bedrooms in Arles’ and ‘Starry Nights over the Rhône.’

The exhibition runs until February. Hours of operation are Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10 AM to 7 PM. Friday 10am-8pm. 9am-8pm, Saturdays and public holidays. Sunday from 9am to 6pm. Tickets are $39.90 for adults and $23.90 for children. For more information, visit vangoghexpo.com/albany.

Sankofa Sculpture Park

Hamilton Hill has a new park this summer, thanks to the Hamilton Hill Arts Center.of Sankofa Sculpture Park 412 Schenectady St. pays homage to the arts center’s more than 50-year history and makes way for its future.

The half-acre park features stunning sculptures designed by Jerome Meadows, a Savannah, Georgia-based artist known for designing and producing public art. The piece was inspired by Ogun, the Yoruba god of blacksmithing, and is considered the foundation of civilization.

The park also features works by local artists and plans to add more over the next few years.

“Breath of fresh air”

Troy’s Metropolitan Arts Center offers viewers “Breath of fresh air” this fall.

Peaceful landscape paintings by Round Lake artist Takeith Walter dotted the walls, never too crowded or sparse. Walter has an eye for the transience of sunlight and the ripples of lakes and ponds, and takes an plein air approach to his work, expressing not only the landscape but also the atmosphere in a contemporary Impressionist style. I’m here.

The exhibit featured some of her best recent work and was a visual delight.


Johnstown native John Van Alstein’s retrospective at the Hyde Collection was another highlight of the year. Striking steel and stone carvings. “Transform” 50 years of work by the artist whose studio is in Wells.

Displayed in two large galleries within the museum, his sculptures juxtapose natural and man-made materials, balancing the two in a gravity-defying manner.

“you’re welcome”

Presented by Opalka Gallery “Judith Brown: My Joy” A cheeky and disturbing exhibition that captures that moment. It contained 15 paintings and a series of painted sculptures, as well as a site-specific mural by Brown from Albany. The works were united by the idea of ​​​​joy.

Although there were quite a few unnerving pieces, the show resisted hitting a single note, and some paintings sounded with a more playful tone.

“Split and Bcloud”

This year’s Mohawk-Hudson Area Artist The exhibit was a fresh take on the long running show. Known for showcasing the region’s best artists, the show has brought together the latest local voices for an intriguing and sometimes disorienting exhibit. It will remain in the Hyde Collection until the end of the year.

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