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BBC shows how Microsoft HoloLens can transform medical consultations

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Medical iSight worked with the BBC to demonstrate how Microsoft HoloLens 2 can be used to create 3D visualizations of the human body for a new TV show. your body revealed.

During the show, patients, consultants, and hosts all wore HoloLens 2 mixed reality headsets to view 3D visualizations of the patient’s organs simultaneously. This has allowed consultants to better explain their patients’ medical problems, and has given patients a better understanding of how their bodies work.

The consultant showed how to use simple voice commands and hand gestures like pinch and pull to manipulate the 3D image. Spatial anchors were used as landmarks on the headsets in the room, allowing all three to see the same digital replica at the same time.

Patrick Furlong, Executive Producer of Your Body Uncovered, said: “We wanted to show the patient interacting with and experiencing their own body. Philip showed us a digital replica of the skeleton using HoloLens. I realized that I could capture everything I needed, even raise the visor to see the patient’s face and emotions.”

All of the patients on the show suffered from a variety of conditions, including cancer, Covid-19, and stroke. For example, some people were unsure whether or not they wanted to undergo surgery.

“If someone has a problem with their spine, our consultants will usually show them a general model of their spine or draw something on paper,” said Medical iSight’s chief scientific officer, who consulted with the production company. Philip Pratt, Ph.D. whole project. “But now they could see their bodies in amazing detail.”

To allow viewers watching the show at home to experience the same perspective as the patients and consultants, the producers attached HoloLens to the cameras so they could move around the studio. He then added a digital his replica of the organ during the post-production stage.

“When you think about mixed reality, some people wonder if digital content can connect with people on an emotional level, but it did,” said Furlong. “It shows that technology doesn’t have to be sober and clinical and can be applied to humans.”

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