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Audi’s EV Concept Features Support For AR Glasses

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The futuristic SUV features a digital console that can only be seen using AR technology.

German automaker Audi recently unveiled a new concept SUV that can transform into a pickup truck on demand. The ‘Actisphere’ vehicle features a range of over 600 km, 800 volt charging technology and zero local emissions. Not only that, but the futuristic crossover feature supports Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

According to an official release, next-generation vehicles will work with AR glasses to display interactive 3D content in the real world. In addition to providing essential driving situations and navigation, the Audi actisphere concept does away with traditional control panels in favor of a digital interface that can be viewed using the aforementioned AR glasses.

According to the company, AR content will be “separately configurable for drivers and passengers.” For example, a driver can adjust the temperature in the car or control the music while a passenger browses her web while accessing navigation information.

“The Sphere concept car demonstrates our vision for future premium mobility. We are experiencing a paradigm shift, especially in the interiors of future Audi models,” said Oliver Hoffmann, Director of Technology Development. I’m here.

“The interior of the car becomes a place where passengers can relax and at the same time connect with the outside world. It creates a perfect integration between digital reality.”

Credit: Audi

The vehicle is equipped with four AR headsets, one for the driver and one for each passenger. According to the official press release, the system will be able to recognize when the crew is concentrating on a specific part of the console and provide more detailed information. When certain parts of the console are activated, passengers can use hand gestures to interact with the controls.

Unlike traditional consoles, controls for each function are placed in front of their respective elements. For example, the AC controls are layered above the vents, and the sound controls are placed above the speakers. AR technology can overlay his 3D terrain graphics in high resolution onto the real world, as well as various traffic information in off-road mode.

Credit: Audi

“Conversely, ActiveSphere passengers can drop their headsets out of their cars and out onto the ski slopes to navigate bike trails or find their ideal descent when skiing downhill. ,” the company said in an official release. “Information about the car itself, its battery range and the nearest charging station can be accessed both inside and outside the car. And if necessary, advance warnings, such as low tire pressure, and weather forecasts to guide route selection. It also has functions.”

Other notable features include a self-driving mode where the dashboard, steering wheel, and pedals disappear, a next-generation dashboard that acts as an oversized soundbar, and an onboard bar (heated or cooled). Above the center console are additional consoles containing his four AR headsets powered by the vehicle’s mixed reality system.

Check the official release for more details here.

Image Credit: Audi

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