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Audi’s Activesphere EV concept is built for off-roading and augmented reality

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Audi finally clearly Activesphere EV concept I promised you last summerThe crossover is designed for off-road, with a rugged underbody, liftable suspension and an easy way to carry sport gear. For example, the rear can be transformed into a loading area with plenty of space for an e-bike. It nonetheless features the creature comforts of past concepts, including a sedan-like profile and a spacious, bright interior designed to help you relax when the vehicle is in self-driving mode.

The cabin reflects Audi’s confidence in augmented reality. The occupants wear AR glasses that provide key performance figures (for the driver) as well as infotainment and virtual assistant controls. No more traditional lined-up screens and gauges, eyewear keeps track of your health while riding your e-bike on the trail. When you’re ready to take control, lift the dashboard and steering wheel into place. Audi clearly expects you to get behind the wheel only occasionally, such as when you venture over the asphalt.

Most specifications are not available (it’s a concept after all). However, Audi claims more than 372 miles of range and 270kW of fast charging using an 800V architecture. Audi says the 100kWh battery pack can charge him from 5% to 80% in 25 minutes.

This is the fourth model in Audi’s Sphere electric concept line.The company has launched an initiative in shapeshifting skysphere roadster August 2021, then upscale one month later grand sphere sedan. last year’s urban sphere It was intended as a futuristic urban SUV. A car is both a means of transportation and an office (or a haven from the outside world).

As with past experiments, Activesphere is not a preview of the product model. It’s Audi’s vision of the car of the near future, not to mention a demonstration of its technical prowess. It’s just a matter of whether the concept will influence future cars. Audi has been relatively safe with its existing EV lineup. familiar SUV Brother of the Porsche Taycan e-tron GTHowever, the brand expects to dramatically expand its electrical offerings by 2026, so it doesn’t intend to rule out any Activesphere-inspired rides.

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