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Airbus Is Using VR To Sell Custom Luxury Jets

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Customers can use MetaQuest 2 to design everything from seats to countertops.

At some point, we all dreamed of owning a private jet. But what about designing it?

European multinational aerospace company Airbus is making their dreams come true ACJ Two Twenty Creative Studio In France, you can stroll through the sales floor or use VR technology to customize the interior of the stylish new ACJ Two Twenty “Extra Large Biz Jet”.

Each ACJ Two Twenty jet comes with an initially pre-designed interior. With the Quest 2 VR headset, customers can use the touch controller to configure the internal layout based on this initial design. This included the ability to move walls, add tables, and create perfect window seats.

Creative Studio also lets you choose the details from the materials available for color and fabric swatches, seats, flooring and countertops. You can also use VR Design Studio to move, add, or remove lights.

ACJ Two Twenty Creative Studio You can also add other neat facilities such as a king-sized bed, a galley for a personal chef, a small cinema, and a full-sized bathroom with a shower. Each jet provides up to 6 living areas (2 living areas on average) and can accommodate up to 18 people. In that case, it is advisable to consider adding two bathrooms.

Once you’ve designed your luxury jet, you can: Move around a personalized jet In VR. If you want to make changes, open the menu and make real-time adjustments.

The VR experience is also a training tool that mechanics and technicians can use to learn the individual locations of specific cables and access points within the jet.

To enable VR design, Airbus has partnered with Comlux Completion to build each custom jet. According to Comlux, VR technology can reduce completion times while reducing manufacturing costs for each luxury jet.

Now let’s talk about costs. As you can imagine, owning an ACJ TwoTwenty jet is not cheap. Airbus has already reported that it has sold six custom extra large big jet jets for a total of $ 81 million each. All customizations will be done at the Comlux Indianapolis facility and once completed, Five Palm Jumeirah Hotel In Dubai.

If you happen to have a cool $ 81 million and are interested in building your own luxury business jet using VR, Link To get started. Is it possible to ride?

Image credit: ACJ Two Twenty Creative Studio

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