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A Researcher’s Female Avatar Was Allegedly Sexually Assaulted In Meta VR

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A 21-year-old researcher’s avatar is allegedly sexually assaulted in Meta’s Horizontal Worlds VR game. This case demonstrates the need for clear rules and laws surrounding behavior in VR and AR spaces. Especially as they become more sophisticated and lively.

The video of the incident was shared with BBC.. People may want to wipe this out as it happened in virtual space, but Vicky Wyatt, director of corporate accountability group SumOfUs campaign, said, “It’s still important and still has a real impact on users. “.

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Wyatt paraphrased the experience of the researcher in question. “Some of them were really shocked. Some of them thought,” OK, this isn’t my substance, this is an avatar, “and another said,” This is what I’m doing. It’s a really, really important study. ” I need to capture this video. “

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Researchers also claim that they witnessed a homosexual slur in Horizon World. Wyatt hopes that Meta will take these issues seriously and consider more closely how to prevent harm. “Rather than Facebook rushing straight into building this metaverse,” he says, “Look. Now that we can’t deal with it, we need to stop seeing all the harm that’s happening on the platform.” Don’t repeat them in the Metaverse. We need a better plan here on how to mitigate the harm online in the Metaverse. “

Nick Clegg, President of Meta’s Global Affairs and former Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, recently blog A post detailing Meta’s stance on moderation and safety within the Metaverse.

He states that in Horizontal Worlds, a “rolling buffer” allows audio data to be stored in the user’s headset for a short period of time and sent with the user’s desired complaint.

He also said, “In the United States, their bar, as if they should stand on your table, listen eagerly to your conversation, and silence you when they hear things. You wouldn’t have a bar manager responsible for real-time speech moderation in. They don’t like it. “

The company seems to have a broad purpose of being able to block and report harmful others in online spaces, but it doesn’t seem to want to violate what people say in those spaces. Hopefully, the company is aware that it falls into the category of harm caused by hate speech.

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