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5 Advances in Tech That Will Take Entertainment by Storm in the Next 5 Years

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Mostly in the last few years Limits imposed by the pandemic, entertainment Turned to Expand the ways people can engage. The screen is smaller, but it can reach far. There are more options, but you will get better guidance on which option is right for us.

As the restrictions imposed by Covid begin to ease, technology has the opportunity to help the entertainment industry deliver an immersive, voluntary experience that many have come to appreciate at home. Public entertainment space.. Here are five ways I believe it will happen in the next five years.

1.Tech provides entertainment apps that empower us

In most entertainment spaces, lining up is considered a necessary evil. From buying tickets to boarding and getting snacks, the normal process at most venues requires waiting in line. The app has the power to change that.

Although the app is used in Entertainment department For some time, the tools they offered were limited. Tickets can be prepaid in the theater app, but once you get to your seat, it becomes useless. The new standard is for apps that ensure you’re always on the front line, whether you’re ordering popcorn in a movie, checking in at a birthday party at Trampoline Park, or paying for the next round of a mini-round. Become. At a local family entertainment center.

During the season when we stay there, we have come to expect a voluntary and timeless entertainment experience. Technology can be leveraged to meet these expectations in public.

2. Tech provides an attractive entertainment app

In addition to empowering us, the next generation Entertainment app We need to engage. The app not only creates a mobile ordering mechanism, but also allows you to interact with guests.

The team I lead in the space of the Family Entertainment Center is experimenting with engagement through the app. We want to connect with our guests, provide guidance, and get more feedback. We want them to be available at all times. If they can contact us and engage in a useful way, it will give them the information they were looking for, or remind them of what they experienced with us. That way, they may think of us more than their competitors. Engagement is the key to building brand loyalty.

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3. Tech provides augmented reality in public spaces

“”Immersive“In recent years, it has become one of the buzzwords of the entertainment industry. Our desire to be completely surrounded by the entertainment experience has led to the growth of related technologies in two ways. In public, Goch Venue like: Immersive experience and Dinos Alive use state-of-the-art projection, enhanced audio and robotics to immerse guests in fantastic landscapes. In private spaces, It uses a combination of synchronized hardware and software to guide users to an incredible virtual space.

Augmented reality (AR) integrates the two fronts by providing a digitally enhanced experience in real-world space. We’re working with AR at Boomers Park to create a space that’s not only immersive, but also customizable to the needs of the groups and organizations that use it.This emerging technology It enhances entertainment that is attractive, impactful, and adaptable to a wide range of viewers.

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4. Tech will bring the stars to the stage via holograms

Superstars like Whitney Houston on stage at concerts It’s not unusual. But given what happened nine years after Houston died, her latest Las Vegas show was unique. “Live shows” include live bands and live dancers. hologram Of Houston running her hit.

The Houston show marks the very beginning of the type of entertainment that holograms can empower. Musicians and music groups can use this technology to hold concerts in multiple cities on the same night. Combined with karaoke, fans can also sing holograms and duets of their favorite artists.

5. Tech completes the art of self-service kiosk

As labor costs increase, many industries Self-service kiosk Allows you to continue to serve your customers while reducing salaries. In the entertainment industry, you can find them in museums, cinemas, theme parks and more. The kiosk is functional, but not intuitive. Technicians can change that.

Replacing an employee with a kiosk loses more than a personal touch. You lose the opportunity to guide guests and upsell guests.Over the next five years, self-service kiosks Artificial intelligence And other innovations are to provide more welcoming, more seamless interactions and more rewarding transactions for both parties.

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Tech has always played an important role in the entertainment arena — and it will always be.Over the next five years, viewers will be the winners in the entertainment world. Digital worldIt affects every area of ​​their lives. If they do not connect with them there, they will lose them.

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