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15 start-ups in Europe shaking up the future of healthcare

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From devices that help monitor Parkinson’s disease to VR tech for healthcare training, here are some of the European startups making waves in medical technology.

with World population is now 8 billion According to the United Nations, it’s more important than ever to find innovative ways to treat people around the world and keep them healthy.

So this future health weekwe see several European start-ups developing technology to address everything from treating Parkinson’s disease and monitoring health on the go, to training medical professionals using virtual reality technology. I will continue.


London Headquarters Curable is a medical device company that develops wearables that allow patients to monitor their health from the comfort of their own home. The company’s first product is a device that detects and monitors obstructive sleep apnea, a potentially serious condition in which the walls of the throat relax and narrow during sleep, preventing breathing.

Last month, Acurible announced: €11M in Series A funding Funding led by Kibo Ventures. The startup was founded in 2016 by Esther Rodriguez-Villegas, Emilio Sanz and Anas Imtiaz.


This Munich-based medical technology has developed the Advos multi-organ support device. It can also correct the pH of the blood while supporting the lungs, liver and kidneys of critically ill patients.

it was developed by Adbitos Deputy CEO and COO Katherine Schreiber and her mentor, the late Bernhard Kleimann.Just last month, Schreiber Received Female Leadership Award at EIT Summit.

Akara Robotics

Trinity spinout Akara Robotics is Growing Irish Startupsbuilt a fully autonomous UV disinfection robot called . violetaimed at reducing turnaround time in the clinical setting. stevieis a social care robot designed to interact with the elderly.

Last month, the startup announced that one A decontamination robot was being tested in a UK hospitaland now Trial of removal software in an Estonian hospital.


Aurigen has developed a cardiac implant designed to treat both the risk of stroke and arrhythmia associated with atrial fibrillation (AFib).

Founded in 2016, the company is led by Tony O’Halloran and Dr John Thompson. The Galway-based BioInnovate Ireland spinout is Raised 2.5 million euros From the EU Horizon 2020 SME Instrument funding scheme in 2018.

cap buster

Also based in Galway, cap buster By incorporating engineering intelligence at the nano-level into angioplasty, it’s being marketed as a medical device to penetrate completely occluded arteries.

The company’s flagship device, supported by EIT Health, consists of a combined guidewire and balloon catheter device with the addition of a patented thread technology.

Cloy valve

chloe valveIt was spun out from the Trinity Center for Biomedical Engineering.

Founded by Dr. Lucy O’Keeffe, Dr. Martin Quinn, Dr. Paul Henegan, and Professor Bruce Murphy. SiliconRepublic.com Startup of the Week Raised €8 million It funded a clinical study earlier this year.


This Dutch start-up has developed an ambulatory (or mobile) diagnostic platform for coagulation testing of patients. Led by CEO Guido Maertens enzyme The platform requires a small amount of blood to measure up to 16 reactions simultaneously with high sensitivity and specificity. This can be achieved in any setting, from the laboratory to the home.

Earlier this month, Enzyre announced: Raised €12 million Series A funding led by Oost NL to establish manufacturing capabilities.

Ganymed Robotics

Based in Paris, Ganymed Robotics is on a mission to develop the next generation of robotic-assisted technology for orthopedic surgeons. The medical device start-up has developed a robotic surgical assistant for total knee replacement surgery to simplify workflow and increase surgeon efficiency.

Ganymed Raised €21 million At the first close of its Series B funding in July, led by Cathay Health.

Intressa vascular

Formerly known as Cardiatis, the Belgian clinical-stage medical device company has developed a proprietary technology to manufacture multi-layer stents. Intressa vascularThe Allay Aortic Stent is intended to treat life-threatening type B aortas and residual anatomy in a streamlined procedure.

Led by CEO Pierre Douette and CSO Diane Lejeune, Intressa recently secured €18 million in funding led by international investors.

invera medical

One of four Irish companies receive funds Through the EIC Accelerator Round earlier this year, invera medical was formerly known as benali medicalA spin-out of NUI Galway BioInnovate has developed a minimally invasive medical device. This allows you to tackle the early and extreme stages of chronic venous disease.

The startup was founded in 2017 by Stephen Cox, Nigel Phelan, and Sean Cummins.

lifelet medical

Another Galway-based medical tech, lifelet medical is developing a novel tissue-free polymeric heart valve replacement for patients with valvular heart disease. This technology aims to improve clinical outcomes and increase valve durability while reducing the cost and carbon footprint of today’s valve manufacturing.

Lifelet is one of four Galway companies participating in the international competition. MedTech Innovator Competition 2021 years.

ocher bio

This Irish-based biotech startup is testing a treatment that can regenerate the liver from poor-quality donors, with the aim of making quality organs accessible to more people for transplantation. doing.

Based in Oxford, ocher bio was founded in 2019 by Quin Wills and Athlone native Jack O’Meara. In three years he generated spatial sequencing, single-cell sequencing, and imaging data of over 1,000 diseased human livers to find new treatments for chronic liver disease. Continent.

Last month, Ocher Bio Raises $30 million In a Series A funding round backed by EIT Health.

one project

one project is an Irish-German medtech developing 4D cardiac imaging technology.Last year, a medical device startup Raises $17 million Support the development of Verafeye technology designed to treat AFib.

Verafeye uses advanced image processing and data analysis combined with a catheter-based sensor system to provide 4D data from within the heart with the aim of increasing treatment efficacy and safety.

oxford medical simulation

based in london oxford medical simulation is on a mission to bring together virtual reality technology and healthcare. Founded in 2017 by Jack Pottle and Michael Wallace, the startup offers VR-based medical simulations to train medical professionals to manage patients without risking their lives.

Company Raised £2.1m Last month, we raised funding with the backing of ACF Investors and Dr Nicolaus Henke.

serg technologies

Another London-based medical tech, serg technologies We have developed a device that provides early diagnosis and monitoring of neurodegenerative movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease.

Acoustic sensors are used to detect movement and assess the condition of a patient’s muscles to identify symptoms and measure severity in a more objective way. Startup founded in 2019 Raised £1.6m In a recent funding round.

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