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You Can Tell Forspoken To Shut Up (And Other Big Settings)

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screenshot: Square Enix / Kotaku

AbandonedSquare Enix’s latest action RPG has been released. There are some polarizing elements to this game, one of which is that the in-game banter seems like a never-ending nightmare, taking you from what is considered a decent open-world action experience at best. may keep you away.But if you’re looking to make your experience better Abandonedgood news: there are lots of different settings that improve dramatically.

The important points to note are:

On PS5, use Performance Mode

Abandoned Prioritize fast action RPG combat and movement with tons of flashy animations and pretty purple particles flying everywhere. As a result, you should use settings that are tuned to maximize frames per second. On a PC, you’ll need to adjust this to your hardware (and By the way, good luck), but on PS5, the game should be set to performance mode.

in the pause menu[設定]Go to.in the tab[表示設定]Go to[画質設定]of[パフォーマンス重視]set to

Never mind “quality”. This mode provides a slight improvement in visual quality, but it’s not worth the sacrifice when this game excels at being faster and smoother.

What about ray tracing mode? good. Just turn it on and enjoy for a while how good this technology is. Then forget about it for another five years until we have consoles and GPUs that can keep pace with this light rendering technology.

Oh, and there’s also an option to disable motion blur on PS5. Leave it alone, but your mileage may vary.

Make your life easier and turn on automatic item collection

Abandoned It has a crafting system. Of course it is. Picking up random items scattered around the world requires time and attention. Make your life easier and turn on automatic item collection so you don’t have to smash the triangle button over and over again.

Go to Accessibility Settings and in the top right under World Settings you’ll see an option for Automatic Item Collection.

Forspoken's settings menu presents a number of accessibility options that affect item visibility, gameplay behavior, and audio setting choices.

screenshot: Square Enix / Kotaku

Now you can do magical parkour everywhere, keep your momentum going, and get the components you need to craft and upgrade.

Make items stand out a little more

Under the very detailed and welcome accessibility settings there is an option to increase the visibility of the item. Given the speed at which we sometimes move, the more we can highlight important items in the game, the better. When you turn on enhanced visibility for items, they flash in color and are very helpful.

Under Accessibility Settings, Item Visibility is the third option in World Settings.

Semi-auto leap/thor makes parkour more seamless

Opinions may be divided on this, but I found that turning on “Semi-Auto” in the Leap/Soar settings kept the momentum going a bit longer. The default settings require you to tap the circle while moving forward to leap and run up the wall. In semi-auto, holding down the circle will take you a little further without having to tap the button again.

In Accessibility Settings, go to Battle Settings and find Leap/Soar Controls.

Again, this may be to taste. We recommend picking a wall and practicing running up with the setting on and off. The menu remembers which page you were on, so pausing and switching between settings isn’t the worst thing in the world.

We fully expect to flip this setting back and forth while playing games, but it’s important to pay attention.

turn down the music

I have a jury on whether I like this soundtrack or not, but as it stands, the sound settings (default settings) with everything at 100 are very unpleasant to listen to. – Stop chatting.

Go to sound settings in settings and lower the music volume if needed.

I like 60% or 70%, which allows the music to sit a little better in the background without making dialogue difficult to hear.

Enhanced attack hint display makes it easier to dodge attacks

dodge the attack with Abandoned It looks and feels pretty great. One of his ways to more consistently improve his odds in combat is to turn on enhanced visibility for attack hints.

[アクセシビリティ設定]under the[メニュー設定]Scroll down to Attack hint display is the fifth item here.

Make battles a little easier with difficulty settings

Under Gameplay Balance (the first group of settings in the menu) there are many options to consider, such as adjusting aim assist, how much damage you take, and how long enemies are knocked down. The amount of time it takes for stamina to regenerate.

Forspoken's settings menu presents the layout of the game's controls on a PS5 controller, along with various difficulty options that affect enemy behavior, damage taken, and other options.

screenshot: Square Enix / Kotaku

Two important settings you might want to consider are automatically using healing items and automatic support spell switching. manage may be preferable), but the second swaps support spell slots for spells that are not currently on cooldown. , you can have a more seamless action experience.

Choose between low and minimal voice chat

Geoff Keighley needs to come up with a brand new “OMG Please Shut Up” award for this game.

I appreciate being able to cut chatting down to a more manageable level. Oddly enough, you can also increase the chat frequency. Let me just say that if that option appeals to you, there are other ways to get help in life.

[アクセシビリティ設定]so[カフ設定]and from the last option go to[低]or[最小限]Choose.

I think Low is a good compromise between keeping things relatively quiet while still bringing out some of Frey’s and Cuff’s personalities.

When in doubt, press and hold the triangle to restore default settings

If Abandoned Because there are so many settings, including the ability to rebind many of the game’s controls, even on consoles. These are under the wireless controller settings.

But with so many settings, it’s easy to get a little lost. Don’t worry. Just press and hold the triangle on the setting page you want to reset to default and it will return to normal and other setting pages will remain unchanged.

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