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Marine Corps Retreats on Punishing Personnel Who Don’t Receive COVID Jab

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(CNS) – Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Temecula, Friday earlier said all members of the U.S. Marine Corps will receive COVID-19 treatment or face career-ending consequences under an army-wide vaccine. But lawmakers said they had more work to do.

“This action is a welcome relief to the hundreds of Marines fighting for their rights and careers, but the hundreds of service careers currently irreparably damaged by Biden’s mandate. and too little and too late for a life of honor”.

Earlier this week, the Marine Corps issued an executive order immediately halting “involuntary separation” of Marines seeking religious exemptions from vaccination.

The order, according to a report issued in response to a federal class action lawsuit filed on behalf of hundreds of people on behalf of Leathernex, led to a preliminary injunction barring the plaintiffs from being fired in August. .

“Over a year ago, my office started a fight to defend the right of religious consideration for military personnel and against the devastating mistake of the Biden military’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. It’s demoralizing the military, denying military readiness and destroying the lives of our best and bravest people,” Issa said.

It was not known exactly how many Marines had already been kicked out of the military for refusing to take the jab for religious or personal reasons, including concerns about adverse effects.

“The fact that this new (service) regulation was posted online without warning or notice only confirms that this administration knows it can’t protect the American people from being defenseless.” said Issa.

Federal lawsuits have been filed challenging authority in all service branches, including the Reserve and National Guard.

Earlier this year, the U.S. Navy’s Special Warfare Command suspended a 2021 order requiring SEALS special forces operators to vaccinate or face the consequences. His group of 35 active-duty SEALS has filed a lawsuit in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, challenging the vaccine mandate on religious grounds. That lawsuit was later changed to a class action lawsuit representing all Navy personnel who refused the jab.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby characterized COVID shots as “a valid military readiness requirement.”

When announcing the need for mandatory vaccinations last year, Army Surgeon General Lt. Gen. Scott Dingle said it was “a matter of life and death for soldiers.”

Dingle said the coronavirus strain has made “protection of the military with compulsory vaccinations a priority for the health and preparedness of the entire military,” including the National Guard and reserve units.

Issa has established a web portal to assist officials seeking exemptions.it can be found at https://issa.house.gov/military-vaccine-mandate-assistance.

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