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Digital Nomads? Greece Has EU’s Slowest Internet, Costly Too

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ATHENS – Greece continues to sell the country jobs to people with technical skills to live, work, pay taxes and go anywhere, but lacks what they need: fast, reliable internet. Not provided.

So-called digital nomads work in computer-based Information Technology (IT) jobs and can work in almost any country where business allows. Greece is especially attractive for many reasons, but it’s not the intermittent, choppy internet.

Greece’s fixed internet is among the slowest in Europe and among the most expensive for relatively poor service, according to a study by Surfshark, a cybersecurity firm with a virtual private network (VPN).

This is despite recent service upgrades and promises of faster speeds and fiber optics, but they are expensive relative to people’s income and are not always reliable.

The company evaluated five criteria: internet affordability, internet quality, electronic infrastructure, electronic security, and e-government accelerated by new democratic governments.

Based on the 2022 index, Greece fell one place from 2021 to rank 39th among 117 countries worldwide.

The report also shows that Greek internet users have to work 12 minutes a month to buy 1 GB of data for their mobile phones. This is 6 times more than needed in Bulgaria and 149 times more than needed in Israel.

Greece ranks 55th out of 117 countries, with poor performance mainly related to fixed internet connection speeds, 20th for mobile internet speeds and 84th for home internet speeds. is the rank.

However, when it comes to internet security, Greece ranks first. This is important for businesses and government agencies that can become targets of increasingly sophisticated hackers.

In e-governance, the country ranked 55th, up from 59th last year, but improved as the country and businesses are ready to use artificial intelligence, the paper said.

The survey found that during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, people turned to their computers and mobile phones for online shopping, banking, and entertainment on streaming platforms that required faster internet speeds. When you think about it, it is said to be particularly important.

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