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Amazon adds a Goldilocks tier to its Kindle Paperwhite lineup

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Just days after announcing a new base model with many of Paperwhite’s best features

This week, Amazon First update to the basic Kindle e-reader It offers some of Paperwhite’s best features at a more affordable price. As it stands, there’s little reason to buy Amazon’s upgraded model. For $100, you get a high-res display, USB-C charging, and even more storage for your book collection.For those who want to be Persuaded by the more expensive version — despite the similarities — your prayers have been answered.


Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition Review Specifications head1

Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite is a mid-tier e-reader with improved backlighting, a flatter front panel, and a larger display than the base Kindle.

Just days after unveiling its latest e-reader, Amazon has quietly unveiled its new Kindle Paperwhite tier. Paperwhite Signature EditionThis variant includes 16GB of storage for your library, rivaling the newer base-level Kindles and the less expensive 32GB model with wireless charging that not everyone needs or wants. provide a suitable alternative.

It sounds a bit confusing on paper, so in summary, the current Kindle lineup is:

Aside from emphasizing that no one should buy an Oasis – even opting for the pricier 32GB model, which still rocks the micro USB – this new Paperwhite drops extra cash over the base. The Kindle is clearly meant to persuade you to do so. Amazon can’t sell a “premium” experience while including less storage than what’s found in cheaper gadgets. Effectively, you have to compete with your own company by offering this tier.

As the holiday shopping season approaches, it’s hard to predict which models shoppers will jump on. Kindle sales are at their peak, to be sure. Both have plenty of storage for your ebook and audiobook collection without reaching the steep prices of the Signature Edition or Oasis. It seemed that way, but this version helps level the playing field. either way, triumph of amazon.


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