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You Can Run Mac OS on the Nintendo Wii

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With over 100 million units sold since its debut in 2006, there’s no denying the Wii’s popularity, but after two Nintendo consoles, people are still finding it. Clever way to extend functionality of the console. However, this hack is more about productivity than gaming. Turn your Wii into a Mac.

Apple doesn’t like running their operating systems on non-Apple hardware, so getting Mac OS 9 running on your Wii isn’t as easy as inserting an installation disk into the console’s disk slot and letting it run. Not easy, but not impossible. Nintendo Wii’s PowerPC processor Close enough to the PowerPC chip Apple used it on their Power Macintosh G3 machines to make it work.

Pierre Dandumont Explaining how the Wii was able to run Mac OS 9.2 on their website (Courtesy of Google Translate) and as sophisticated as the hack is, there are layers of complexity that result in a complete inoperability of the operating system.

Mac OS sur la Wii avec Mac-On-Linux

The creation of the Nincintosh (Mactendo? MacinWii?) relies on the hacked Wii’s ability to run a Linux-based OS via the unofficial Homebrew Channel. Mac-on-Linux, to allow Mac OS to run on Linux. After inserting the Mac OS 9.2 disk image on the SD card into the Wii, booting the console and opening the Homebrew Channel, BootMii Used to boot Linux and then Mac OS, but without the iconic startup sound. This is one of the many problems running an OS on a game console.

Mac OS 9.2 looks really bad on Wii due to resolution issues, Dandumont I was able to load Internet Explorer 5, but with the exception of a working internet connection (iTunes), the application crackled before immediately crashing, and even Doomwhich only collects one frame per minute, making it completely unplayable.

Mac OS 9 debuted seven years before the Wii. Dandumont wondered whether the latest versions of Apple’s desktop and laptop operating systems would be more successful. Unfortunately, Mac OS X needs at least 64MB of RAM to function, and the Wii can’t give him more than 52MB, so he crashes his OS on boot. While it’s impressive to see the Wii learn new tricks, it’s not a replacement for Apple’s hardware.

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