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Yoshi-P addresses ‘unfair play’ regarding Final Fantasy XIV’s The Omega Protocol Ultimate Race to World First

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World’s first new race comes with a different batch Final Fantasy XIV drama surrounding it.later “Winning” Team Omega Protocol (Ultimate) was accused of using the Zoom hack and hitbox indicator.Yoshida “Yoshi P” Director Naoki stepped in Today we will officially comment on the allegations.

of Final Fantasy XIV Japanese team UNNAMED_ Turns out I was using a third party tool to gain an advantage in battle.The community was understandably suspicious when the team suddenly showed up FF log Like logged clear, without buildup. They haven’t uploaded any logs and their stats are still hidden on the site at the time of writing.

“We are aware of the information being disseminated regarding the use of third-party tools within the Omega Protocol (Ultimate). is written in the post.

Last year, Dragonsong’s Reprise (Ultimate) Players emulating battles to obtain an unfair advantage. This time, Yoshi-P has made it very clear that the players involved will be punished if the accusations are confirmed by the investigation, but will not publicize the actions taken against them.

“When other instances of foul play were identified in previous ‘Ultimate’ raids, we enacted penalties at that time as well. Once an investigation is conducted and the facts are confirmed, this kind of fraudulent activity will not be overlooked,” Yoshi said in a blog post.

Penalties are to be applied and have already been applied

Yoshi-P has touched on using third-party tools to clear battles, but seems very upset about sharing the final cutscene that plays at the end of Duty when the clear is achieved. am.

“Manipulating play condition flags intended for use when playing cutscenes through The Unending Journey by sending well-disguised illegal packets of information from the user’s side on a public game server. You can,” the blog post reads.

This is something the developer takes seriously, and Yoshi-P said the developer doesn’t intend to release account action details, but in this blog post, he did participate in sharing the cutscene. Said the account was handed over. Penalty on their account.

Another video that “couldn’t be recorded on a public game server” appears to be circulating, but the developer has yet to figure out who distributed the video. The video is suspected to be from an internal source, and Square Enix plans to conduct an investigation and enact “severe punishment” for the perpetrators.

To conclude Yoshi-P, he extended his thoughts on this issue.

“Dragonsong’s Reprise (Ultimate. … As a gamer, I’m rooting for everyone who is working hard to master this content through trial and error.

The community is still waiting for a legitimate team to clear Omega Protocol (Ultimate), and UNNAMED_’s victory is largely dismissed as farce. Given that Yoshi-P himself had to express his disappointment, it’s safe to say that the race to a world first of duty is still on.

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