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Valve Responds to #SaveTF2, Says Its Working on Improvements

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Valve reassures players that they are “working to improve things” in response to the growing Team Fortress 2 community movement to protect against the game’s massive botting problems.

In a tweet from today’s official Team Fortress 2 account, Valve said, “TF2 community, I’m listening to you. We love this game and you know you do. How much this problem is. You can see if you’re getting bigger and working on improvements. ” This is the first tweet from your account since July 2020 (one retweet of an official Valve tweet from October 2020 is not counted).

It corresponds to the hashtag # SaveTF2, which the Team Fortress 2 community has adopted over the past few days to draw attention to the massive botting issues that have been ongoing in the game since 2020.Hashtags are used by many Team Fortress 2 streamers dAs a “peaceful” protest About the state of the game. Due to the bot epidemic, Team Fortress 2’s casual servers are flooded with spam messages, perfect snipers, and more recently bots that can crash the entire game or adjust the coordinated kicks of human players. increase. Previously, community leaders organized email campaigns to contact Valve and the media to shed light on this issue.

Individuals using the # SaveTF2 hashtag may have different motivations, but primarily the group wants some approval from Valve, ideally in combination with the fix. Given that the large community is still clearly interested, some expect the game to be updated regularly again as Team Fortress 2 gets new attention. Team Fortress 2, which is more than 10 years old, is very popular, with an average of 70,000-90,000 simultaneous players each month last year.

For now, it’s unclear what improvements Valve is making, but we hope we can make Team Fortress 2 more stable.

Rebekah Valentine is a news reporter for IGN.She can be found on twitter @duckvalentine..

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