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Track stress with Apple Watch – is the wearable ready?

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A new study has been published showing that the accuracy of the Apple Watch’s heart rate sensor can help users track stress. Fortunately, we’re still waiting to see if Apple launches a native stress-monitoring experience, but that wearable already tracks key stress-related metrics that third-party apps already use. doing.

A discreet feature, the Apple Watch already monitors Heart rate variability (HRV) This is a valuable metric to understand and track. However, Apple doesn’t use the data for native stress level monitoring like Fitbit and other competitors.

this is how Cleveland Clinic Summarize HRV.

“Heart variability reflects how well the body can adapt. If your heart rate is highly variable, this usually indicates that your body can adapt to different types of changes. Heart rate People with high fluctuations in numbers are usually less stressed and happier.”

and new research discovered by My Healthy Apple (via McRumors), the researchers found that the Apple Watch was actually accurate enough to monitor stress. This study used the participant’s six daily her ECG readings to create her HRV readings that were used to identify the participant’s stress level.

“Researchers have found that,” in general, the “stress” model has high accuracy but low recall. The ‘no stress’ model generally performed well for him with recalls of over 60%. Considering the very short duration of his ECG measurements performed here compared to the standard and the nature of the actual measurements, the results presented were very encouraging. “

The study also notes that an Apple Watch that tracks sleep and activity in addition to measuring heart rate may improve the stress-monitoring experience.

Track stress with Apple Watch: 3 apps to try

If you want to use your Apple Watch to better understand your stress levels now, there are some great options.

First you can see you Current HRV history If you go to the Health app > Browse > Hearts > Heart Rate Variability on your iPhone. Check out the 6M or 1 year trends. Generally speaking, an upward trend correlates with less stress, and a downward trend means more stress.

To use HRV in your daily life and better understand stress, try these 3 great apps. The first two focus on fitness and stress, but they all help you better understand your day-to-day stress.


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