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Top iPhone 14 Pro features to check out and customize

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Just getting the new iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max? Check out some of the best features to test and customize on your new device, including a full 48MP camera, an always-on display that enables Dynamic Islands and more.

If you get an iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max this holiday season, consider yourself lucky. low availability seen.

The Pro model stands out from the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus with new dynamic islands, a 48MP main camera, an always-on display, and more.

Main features of the iPhone 14 Pro

Always display

The iPhone 14 Pro is Apple’s first smartphone to offer an always-on display.Customizable With lock screen widgetand in iOS 16.2 and later, you can also choose whether to display a colored background and notifications in always-on mode.

Check out our complete guide on how to customize the always-on display.

And here’s our roundup of the best apps to try out for lock screen widget support:

Uses the full power of the 48MP main camera

Shooting with the iPhone 14 Pro’s full 48MP resolution main camera isn’t always something you want to do with a single image that’s over 75-100MB in size. So by default he is set to shoot 12MP images.

But if you want to capture as much detail as possible (allowing for impressive cropping), it’s important to use the full power of the main iPhone 14 Pro camera.

Here are some camera tips to get the most out of your photos and videos.

Are you looking at rough battery life?

Battery life can feel worse than expected, especially if you got a new device. However, the iPhone 14 Pro is not the problem. Here’s what’s going on, and some tips to reduce battery drain without buying one. power bank.

dynamic island

Dynamic Islands supports a wide range of native iOS 16 features and 3rd party support. Supported directly from iOS are:

System alerts and notifications:

  • incoming phone call
  • AirPods connected
  • facial recognition
  • apple pay
  • car key
  • air drop
  • unlock the clock
  • low battery
  • charging
  • Silent switch ON/OFF
  • NFC interaction
  • air play
  • Change focus
  • shortcut
  • Airplane Mode/No Data Alert
  • SIM card alert
  • Accessory connection
  • look for me

Live activity:

  • talking
  • share play
  • music/playing app
  • timer
  • map directions
  • voice memo
  • screen recording
  • personal hotspot
  • microphone indicator
  • camera indicator
  • API support for third-party apps


  • Spotify
  • Stitcher
  • audible
  • amazon music
  • NPR One
  • overcast
  • Pandora
  • YouTube music
  • sound cloud

call kit:

  • whats up
  • google voice
  • Instagram
  • Skype

Also, see our roundup of early third-party apps that provide Dynamic Island support and live activity.

Emergency SOS via satellite

Hopefully this is something you’ll never need, but it’s worth testing the iPhone 14’s new safety features just in case.

Having trouble with your new iPhone?

In case you run into issues that require you to force restart your iPhone 14 Pro, we have a detailed guide on what to do.

Or bookmark the following articles to have them readily available when you need them.

Thanks for reading our guide to the key features of the iPhone 14 Pro. Have a favorite feature we haven’t mentioned? Share your ideas in the comments!


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