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Tony Hawk Reveals ‘Major Setback’ Regarding His Health

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After this, the pro skater will need a break.

skateboarder tony hawk After breaking his leg earlier this year, he thought he was recovering, but the legend recently received unexpected news regarding his injury.

Hawk first announced his fractured femur Instagram On March 21, he shared a video of himself at the same skate ramp where he injured himself two weeks earlier. was

Hawk announced at the time that he would also be skating at the 2018 Pollen Weekend Jam’s Legends Jam. vegas May. “I’m not defying my doctor’s orders by doing so, and I realize I may not have reached 100% trick/power ability by then,” he wrote in the caption.

Many of the comments called him a “badass” for his quick recovery, but there were also lingering concerns that he wasn’t being given time to heal properly. It turns out there is.

new Instagram In a post shared yesterday, Nov. 21, with several X-rays from the past few months placed side by side, Hawke wrote: It is fully united at the fracture site (non-union and varus angle as the industry calls it) and only one side of the leg is further apart.”

He went on to admit that those who thought he pushed himself too hard, including his wife, were “absolutely right.”

He continued, “I got too casual in my approach to skating in the immediate aftermath of my injury. I lamented that I could not make a different choice because of the

Hawk will need surgery to fix the improper parts Healing, is scheduled for next week. “I’m grateful that I was able to do some kind of ‘doing over’ and hopefully this time around I’ll be able to do more and make a full recovery.” Patience “The silver lining to this disappointing news is that I was able to do many skates (and some advanced tricks) without solid bones. I know we can do a lot, and the next few months will be a slow and delicate process, but we will come out stronger, wiser and more grateful than ever.”

Despite the unfortunate circumstances, I am happy to hear that he is recovering.

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