Indian brand Pebble Blatant Apple Watch Ultra rip-offThe watch has virtually the exact same design as the Apple Watch Ultra, and even appears to be available with a counterfeit Ocean Band.

The Pebble Cosmos Engage is worth just $48 and is clearly made with lower quality materials than the Apple Watch Ultra. For example, the Apple Watch Ultra has an OLED display with a brightness of up to 2,000 nits, while the Apple Watch Ultra is advertised as having an LCD display with a brightness of up to 600 nits. Unsurprisingly, the watch also doesn’t run watchOS, but it does seem to offer a knockoff Apple Watch face, as well as features like heart rate monitoring, voice assistants, and Bluetooth calling.

Pebble already A copycat version of the standard Apple Watch and other popular smartwatches. The brand appears to have nothing to do with the former smartwatch company Pebble. Acquired by Fitbit 2016.

The actual Apple Watch Ultra will be released in September and will cost $799.

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