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There’s now a $950 Gucci version of the Oura Ring

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The Oura Ring was one of the busiest gadgets during the pandemic.Not only did it scatter sparks Strange sleep competition Between Gwyneth Paltrow and Kim Kardashian, NBA COVID Prevention PlanAnd there was some research to see if it was wearable I was able to predict COVID-19.. And now there’s a Gucci version that costs a stunning $ 950.

The Gucci x Oura Ring is made of “Black Synthetic Corundum” with a braided border and 18K gold Gucci G. It weighs 4 grams and the band is 0.3 inches thick. Except for the gorgeous design, this is basically the same as the “normal” $ 299. Ouraling Generation 3.. The main advantage of the Gucci version is that it comes with a lifetime membership. Starting with the Gen 3 ring, Oura began charging $ 6 a month for the service. (You can use the ring without a subscription, but you are limited to the most basic metrics.)

Ouraling itself is a niche tracker. Unlike smartwatches and other wrist-based fitness trackers, its main focus is recovery and sleep. Users receive three daily scores for “preparation” that indicates how well their body has recovered based on sleep, activity, and heart rate variability and other factors.

A special Gucci-themed charger is also included.
Image: Oura

It may seem strange to launch a more luxurious version of what was already considered an expensive gadget, but it’s a bit more when we see what Oura’s renowned customers and other luxury brands have done in this area. It makes sense.Celebrity like Prince Harry, Jennifer AnistonWhen Diplo Like many athletes and former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, they have been witnessed wearing gadgets. (It was also introduced In the episode HBO Max And like that … ). What do celebrities like?Spend ridiculous amounts on luxury fashion brands Pinterest board Dedicated to the looks of Keep up with the turmoil of the Kardashian family Any sign. Other luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Montblanc are also embarking on expensive Wear OS smartwatches with their own style.

Fashion has a certain influence on wearable spaces. Design aesthetics are ranked fairly high when customers decide which wearables to buy because they actually need to wear these devices. However, making a big bet on wearables as a luxury item didn’t work. Apple has released famously $ 10,000 18K Gold Version Of that Apple Watch in 2015. It was discontinued after a year. Celebrities bombarded for the device, but Apple’s widespread wearable success didn’t succeed until it turned from luxury sensibilities to health and fitness.

To be honest, this collaboration is probably with Oura and Gucci scratching each other’s backs. Gucci will appear to be technically savvy and future-oriented. Oura continues to benefit from the “it factor” that helped it acquire Valuation of $ 2.5 billion In April after selling a million rings. Don’t expect to see anyone other than a celebrity wearing this in the wild.

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