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The Sims 4’s new free patch adds hearing aids, binders, and more

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sims 4 is a bustling life simulator game with lots of comprehensive options, and developer Maxis has added even more Create A Sim options for even more realism. New patch released on Tuesday This includes a convenient light switch, build improvements on consoles, and bug fixes. Most notably, the patches include wearable medical devices such as hearing aids and blood glucose monitors. Affirm customization options Like binders and top surgery scars.

How to equip medical wearables sims Four

Select a Sim’s face in Create a Sim, then select Accessories. The new Medical Wearables category includes new hearing aids that can be worn on Sims that are toddlers and older. The hearing aids come in her 15 colors and can be worn in the left ear, right ear, or both ears. For glucose monitors,[シムの作成]to select a Sim’s body category. Players can add glucose monitors on their left and right arms, or on the left or right side of their lower abdomen.

Under the same body category, all players can find a Body Scars category, giving teen and older male Sims (male or female physique) the option to add Upper Surgery Scars to their Sims. there is.

How to equip the Binder and Upper Scar in The Sims 4

Binders, shapewear, and upper surgery scars are ways players create their Trans Sims. These assets are available in the “Create a Sim” section of the game. Binders can be found in the Tops category under Tanks and can be equipped by Sims who are teens and older. New shapewear also appeared in the underwear section.

The Body category in Create a Sim has a section called Body Scars. Male Sims (either masculine or feminine body types) that are teens and older can add Upper Surgery Scars to their Sims. These scars result from breast tissue removal surgery, a common gender reassignment surgery for transgender and non-binary people.

previous update to sims 4 It enabled better trance expression. 2016, Sim unlocked from gender binaryinstead, can be customized in a spectrum between masculine or feminine options.May 2022, Maxis has added customizable pronouns to Simsincluding custom options for new pronouns.

Build mode updates and bug fixes

The new patch also updated the console build mode UI. “The Catalog is now open by default and will remain open when you grab items and interact with lots. No more having to re-open the Catalog and go to the previous menu again. Single. Time.” Players can also turn on the guidance system. This allows you to assist your players in build mode at any time.

There are also base game bug fixes and some enhancements. city ​​living, become famousWhen High School daysThis includes nice changes like toddlers no longer wearing slippers to take a bath, and child sims who get at least a B average in school are now recognized, allowing them to reach their Parenting Hardship Scenario goals. will be A full list of bug fixes can be found at patch notes.

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