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‘The Sims 4’ update adds top surgery, binders, and hearing aids

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sims 4 has released a free update that adds top surgical scars, binders and shapewear, and medical wearables to the base game. This is a big step forward for the game’s inclusivity, which has delighted disabled and transgender fans.

Added in today’s new patch, sims 4The Create a Sim character creator now offers the top surgical scars found in the new Body Scars subcategory of the Body category. Players can add upper surgical scars to male sims over the age of 10, regardless of whether the base body model is masculine or feminine. The surgical scar on top indicates that the person underwent a mastectomy.

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Gender-affirming clothing items have also been added sims 4 first time. The game’s new Binder is found in the Tops category in Create a Sims and falls under Sub-Tanks. Shapewear, on the other hand, is categorized under underwear in the bottom section. These clothing options are often used by transgender and non-binary people to alleviate gender dysphoria.

these are, sims 4The game’s character creation allowed players to combine masculine and feminine traits Both men and women from 2016with last year’s update, Choosing a Sim’s Sexual Orientation and pronouns. However, today’s update is the first time Sim creation has included an overt and distinct physical indicator of transgender on a character’s body.

sims 4 Fans immediately began to rejoice at the news.

These weren’t the only comprehensive upgrades sims 4of Updated Jan 31(opens in new window)The game also added medical wearables, specifically hearing aids and blood glucose monitors.

Under the new Medical Wearables sub-category of Create in the Sim Face Customization menu, sims 4Hearing Aids can be given to all Sims who are toddlers and older. Available in 15 colors, especially stylish Sims can match their hearing aids to their outfits, and wear hearing aids in their Sim’s right ear, left ear, or both.

The Glucose Monitor is under the new Medical Wearables subcategory of the Body category and is available for Sims of child age and older.Like sims 4Similar to hearing aids in , these medical devices offer some customization by allowing players to wear them on a Sim’s right or left arm, or right or left lower abdomen.

all sims 4‘s new assets are only aesthetic additions, so your Sims will not be deaf if they remove their hearing aids.Similarly, the game binder Don’t actually flatten your Sim’s chest(opens in new window)and its classification as a top means Sims can’t wear the shirt like an actual binder wearer.

However, this does not detract from the additional meaning, allowing players to at least slightly accurately portray themselves in popular life simulators.

The new item’s lack of functionality also means Sims can wear it 24/7 without a binder. Adverse health effects(opens in new window)and therefore can be viewed as an improvement over reality in at least some areas.

sims 4update added several improvements to the console player experience. For example, you can make the cursor bigger, or keep the build mode catalog open while the player grabs or moves items. Naturally, most of the attention goes squarely on the game’s new comprehensive content, but these are some great quality-of-life additions for anyone playing on Xbox or PlayStation.

If you want to check for updates yourself, sims 4 i was free to play From the end of last year. It’s a good idea to set a timer so you don’t get caught up in the game all day.

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