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The Sims 4 Adds Top Surgery Scars and Binders for Trans Gamers!

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here mid week pop culture fix for you, friends!

+ OK, this is great: The Sims 4 Added Several New Trans-Inclusive Updates, binders, top surgical scars, etc. plus! “We also have medical wearables such as blood glucose meters and hearing aids, making The Sims 4 more inclusive for the disabled community.” Trans gamers need a break!

+ Our Own Valerie Ann and Nick Chatted with CNN About That Last of Us Super Gay Episode. (again! You can read their summary here!)

+ Related: The Last of Us and The Haunting of Bly Manor find strange normalcy in the face of impending doom.

+ Hulu canceled the reboot BOOOOOOO!!!!!

+ Zoe Terraquez, MCU’s first trans actor, talks about making history with Marvel.

+ If Sam Smith was a skinny cis woman, no one would have given their new music video a second thought.

+ Billy Porter makes TV directorial debut with ‘unapologetically queer story’ in ‘accused’ of Fox’s accused.

+ This week’s The Takeaway podcast talks about queer horror, camp and how M3GAN became a queer icon.

+ Hmmm! WNBA Free Agency Day is finally here. Candace Parker signs with Ace over the weekend. Courtney Vanderthroat announced she’s leaving the sky just last night.When AD Dahl re-signs with Atlanta. Update: Breanna Stewart is coming to New YorkHey you!

+ Vulture Ranks All 515 Netflix Original Movies.

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