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The RPS Selection Box: James’s bonus games of the year 2022

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don’t look at me i just hardware manBut I recommend watching these. RPS Advent Calendar 2022Of all I’ve played this year, these are avatars of adequacy and satisfying sultans. pretty good.

i will probably wear a hat again Warhammer 40K: Dark Tidesbut Alice0 already got it for her honorable mention, and frankly, there’s enough shooting van stuff here as-is. There’s more than pushing in the pits, and hints of ’70s funk, too. Check them out.

Aperture Desk Job

The most unexpected return to deadpan mad science PortalAperture Desk Job is steam deck control tutorial. Instead, Valve went ahead and made a cracking little comedy. The understated wit and delightful voice performances that helped make . However, it is never wasted.

Also, comedian Nate Bergatze plays Grady, the tired but friendly robot supervisor. Grady is always a laughing stock and the main driving force behind how off track your mediocre Carge inspection job is. It’s not difficult. Bargatze’s enthusiastic delivery and some impeccable animation work make him a great companion, even when he drags you, your desk, and your toilet into unexpected escalations.

For those who pick up the all-new Steam deck, Aperture Desk Job is one of the first games to installIt’s free and really helpful if, like me, you look at things like gyro controls with a kind of confused dread. It can also be played on many regular gamepads, so if you have 30 minutes to spare, you can play on your desktop instead.

sniper elite 5

The most Game Pass Game-y of all Game Pass Games™ completed this year. I had to be persuaded to play Sniper Elite 5 by a friend who needed a co-op buddy to begin with. Well worth playing a well thought out sandbox shooter as part of a cheap subscription.

I hadn’t played Sniper Elite before, mostly as a WWII series where you commit your first war crimes and spend your next three years trying to blow up the Nazi legacy. So I was pleasantly surprised to be able to tackle Number 5, an occupied French farm/castle/U-boat base, like Hitman and Deus Ex: not just exploiting vantage points, Quietly sneak around and make the bad guys quiver quietly before dumping them into a villain-sized jar. I know Hayden didn’t care about backroom business in his office. reviewbut the moment of sneaking up to plant a bomb on a fully boarded tank and landing the general with his bodyguard just a few feet away is as good as landing a perfect multi-kilometer headshot. I felt nervous and challenged.

Playing is not required. First of all, the stealth isn’t as deep as your average Hitman, and while you can deploy distractions and the occasional environmental hazard, it’s not as systematic as Deus Ex. Fatigue is also a risk, as it can take more than an hour. Especially if you lose focus for a moment and suddenly half the SS is called. But I still enjoy it, and for the Game Pass money, you might too.


Humans surrounded by aliens in The Anacrusis airlock

Apparently, these games allow early access games. Only two of the five planned campaigns were available at launch, and have since grown to four, with the latest being labeled as beta. double Early access.

Well. At least it’s already a fun Left 4 Dead, but in this case it’s a “but space and groovy” game. It features plush spaceship lounges instead of dust-strewn hallways, Pew Pew laser guns instead of boxy rifles, and sharp suits. Instead of a tactical uniform. Anacrusis has style. I dare say it’s the atmosphere. That’s not a bad thing in the co-op shooter subgenre as crowded as zombie hordes.

Even the relatively benevolent AI director is happy to hurl thick waves of tentacle monsters backed by various combinations of specials at you, so how does survival take advantage of the perks and equipment upgrades you can equip from the Fabricator? It depends on how you handle it. It has a strong RNG element to it, but for the most part there are decent bonus choices that impact enough to reward adapting your tactics mid-mission. and adapts the Goo Grenade (which splatters the ground with goop that slows down enemies) to heal teammates when they are standing. Really groovy.

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