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The Oura Ring Can’t Do Everything, But It’s Great For What I Need

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I’m not really into wearable tech. I’ve never really considered using a body tracking device – I’m traditionally not that interested in what my body is doing, and I guarantee that it will always be monitored. I don’t have any goals, and I think they’re all ugly.

However, there is one health issue that concerns me. Sleep. At the risk of talking about myself like a baby, I was never a good sleeper.

So I decided to try the Oura ring, a smart ring with all sorts of health-tracking features, including sleep monitoring.

State of Ourawa

First, Oura looks like a One Ring. Lord of the RingIt’s immediately better than the Apple Watch for me. (I put it on the index finger recommended by Mr. Oura.)

Oura may not be to everyone’s taste yet. For example, I don’t usually wear thick jewelry. Please match it with jewelry.

Please note there is a step before you get the actual ring. Oura will send you a sizing kit to ensure a proper fit.

aura ring cost

Oura costs between $299 and $349, depending on the model. (Gucci x Aura collaboration edition The cost is $950. ) after the first month, there is a membership fee of $5.99.

aura ring is waterproof

The Oura is easy to charge and typically only needs to be plugged in once a week. Usually I took her less than an hour. It’s waterproof, so you can use it while showering or washing dishes. The ring is lightweight and I was worried that it would scratch and mark easily, but it seems to hold up quite well to daily wear and tear.

Advantages of Oura Ring

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