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The Order You Should Upgrade Destiny 2’s Crown Of Sorrow

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Destiny 2 has yet another set of squares that need to be upgraded during the season, with several new slots open to each other. Ghost season.

I’ve studied this a bit, and it depends on your main goal, but I think there is a specific order in which you should upgrade them.I go to Estimated The main purpose of most people here is to be able to create both Opulent and Haunted weapons as soon as possible. Therefore, keep the following in mind:

1. Sever Boss High Stat – Provides high status armor from the first server run. Not a bad first choice.

2. Focus on Haunted Armor – I don’t think I’ll do that much, but I need to start typing into the slots, so don’t do that.

3. Luxury umbrella energy from the chest – Now we start preparing by focusing, as it requires a lot of glamorous umbrella energy, and this will help you get started.

4. Treasurer drop – This is a single enemy of the pool or dog that always drops loot, which drops more loot on the first kill. It’s still unclear if this upgrade will allow you to drop Haunted or Opulent weapons.

5. Gorgeous weapon focusing – Now that you’re on the right track, you can start focusing on the Opulent weapons you’ve obtained (from Opulent Chest), and they have a chance to become a red frame for creating patterns.

6. Gorgeous deep sight chest – The first glamorous chest of the week is guaranteed a red frame. This is great.

7. Umbral binding – More umbrella energy when bound after containment

8. Gorgeous deep site focusing – And here you will actually choose the weapon you get the red frame.

9. Haunted Focusing – Now you can finally focus on Haunted Weapons as well.

10. Focus Double Park – For me, this kind of practice is the opposite of crafting, but double parks are always great.

12. Umbral Lift – More umbrella energy when using bound presence.

As you can see, there is a pretty clear theme here. Skip the entire middle line and save to the end. why? The traces of the horror economy are pretty much ruined, that’s why. The that’s all You spend them on binding after Nightmare Containment and only one upgrade (I regret spending only one now). Containment, which runs alone by performing several patrol missions, gets hundreds as well as playing.But if you do everything In other games, 240 is awarded for each strike, crucible match, etc. Unless literally all you are doing is performing containment, you will have a lot of imprints without an upgrade.

That is my advice for the upgrade. It will take several weeks to access the complete list of benefits listed here.

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