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The massively important attribute in Street Fighter that people don’t talk about enough

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When discussing what it takes to make a Street Fighter character powerful, we always hear about damage power, normal attack utilities, and powerful V-triggers, but we’re flying more than necessary under the radar. There is one attribute that looks like.

Walking speed may not be immediately apparent to the character, but fleet foot fighters can get the full de facto advantage. In his latest video MC village Takes a closer look at Street Fighter 5’s walking speed so that we all understand how important it is to help the character climb the tierist.

That’s certainly not the only way a character can move around the screen, but walking is actually integrated into the massive interactions that occur in almost every round.

Get to the position of attack, withdraw from dangerous areas, apply pressure and maintain … Efficient walking speed naturally buffs all of these important operations.

When thinking about neutral play, the first thing that comes to mind when assessing a character’s effectiveness here is Street Fighter’s gameplay, attack range, speed, and recovery pillars, but walking speed increases or decreases here. There is likely to be.

For example, if a character can suddenly close or widen a gap in one or two steps, it can offset the character’s stubbornness.

Alternatively, your fighter can escape the sticky defense situation a few frames before other fighters, avoid danger and when the enemy misses with an attack that should lock you down. Prepare for potential whimsical punishment.

I’ve seen M. Bison work well in the top tier of SF5 for years without it, so he says he needs to have a fast walking speed in order for his character to be good. It does not mean.

He relies on specials and dashes to navigate the screen, but boasts some of the most powerful lockdown attacks in the game (that is, when you start a blockstring offense, the frame advantage is huge. Will be higher). His slow walking speed.

The village may say more about the subject in his video below. If you’re interested in improving your Street Fighter, we highly recommend checking out and subscribing to the village channel. Such videos are regularly published on the village channel.

Please let us know if you find it helpful in the comments section after watching.

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