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The Callisto Protocol Isn’t Removing Main Game Content For The Season Pass, Dev Promises

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Callisto Protocol director Glen Schofield had to reveal more details about the game’s season pass this week after it was reported that some of the game’s long-awaited gore would be paywalled from launch.

The misconception probably comes from the list of games on Steam that offer Digital Deluxe Editions that cost $20 more than standard games. Includes the Season Pass for the game, which consists of bonus player death animations and 12 new enemy death animations.

Playing: Callisto Protocol – Official Launch Trailer

With Season Passes available for purchase from launch, and Steam’s description not mentioning when the additional content will be released at all, some outlets claim that 25 of the game’s gruesome death animations are part of the game’s marketing. We reported having a large portion. Locked behind a paywall from launch.

While it’s true that these animations are only available to players who pay extra, and it’s likely that this will also be available as a standalone add-on later on, Schofield said on Twitter that this content is still in development. All of the additional animations promised in the Contagion and Riot bundles will be bonus content available on top of the myriad of gruesome death scenes already present in the game.

Schofield added that this additional content was developed in response to fan feedback, and that players wanted more diverse death animations. We put in all the weird things that happened in the shipping game,” he added. It will be released today.

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