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The Best Crew Members For Ships

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Starfield is a massive game full of interesting characters that can be used as crew members or companions to help you on your journey. These characters can be extremely useful as you make your way across the Settled Systems.

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Useful Ship Skills

There are quite a few Skills that are extremely useful for companions assigned to a ship to have. For starters, anything that deals with a ship is important. For instance, all Weapon Systems, Astrodynamics, Payload, Piloting, or Shield Systems can all increase the effectiveness of different aspects of your ship, making those with those Skills vital. These Skills can make certain ship systems work better, allow better Grav Jumps, increase cargo hold, etc.

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The Best Ship Companions

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If you’re looking for companions to assign to your ship, you’re in luck. There are seven companions that make for great crew members on your ship. Luckily, this is the maximum amount of crew members a ship can hold. Here are the best ones to assign to your ship.

Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart is one of history’s most tragic people. She disappeared while trying to circumnavigate the world. It turns out, she was cloned in the Starfield universe and sent to live on a secret planet in something known as Operation Starseed. Once you complete the quest, she can be obtained. She has the Piloting Skill.


Barrett is one of your companions from Constellation and is one of the first characters you will meet. After saving him from pirates, he can be recruited. He has Skills in Starship Engineering and Particle Beam Weapon Systems. This will ensure that your Particle Beam Weapon Systems are more effective and do more damage.

Gideon Aker

Gideon Aker is one of the first crew members you can hire. He is located in The Viewport in New Atlantis and requires a hefty fee to hire (unless you persuade him). His Skills are in Ballistic Weapons Systems and Missile Weapons Systems. This means that he will be able to increase the effectiveness of both systems.

Omari Hassan

Omari Hassan is a Freestar Collective native who is found at The Hitching Post in Akila City. He is another crew member that you must hire. He has Skills in Shield Systems and Starship Engineering. This means that he can keep your ship up and running and your Shields up.

Sam Coe

Sam is another member of Constellation (and one of the last members of the faction you will meet). You can recruit him after helping him get an Artifact outside Akila City. His Skills are in Piloting and Payloads. This means that he can help your ship and increase your cargo capacity.

Sarah Morgan

Sarah is the leader of Constellation and the first one that you will meet after you have met Barrett. She is recruitable as soon as you meet her at The Lodge. Her Skill in Astrodynamics makes her an excellent addition to your crew. This means that your Grav Drive will jump longer distances than before.


Vasco is a robot and honorary member of Constellation. One of the founding members found him in a junkyard and brought him back to life. Vasco joins your crew as soon as you start the game. He has Skills in Shield Systems and EM Weapon Systems. This will help your Shields and your EM Weapon Systems.

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