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Starting Tomorrow, Marvel Snap Will Let You Battle Your Friends

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marvel snap very goodWe’ve said it before. Heck, we called it One of the best games of 2022However, one major feature was missing at launch.It’s the ability to challenge your friends. marvel snap The update finally adds a much-requested feature to the popular card game.

After the beta period, marvel snap It was released on phones and PC in October. It quickly became popular due to its focus on small decks, fast matches, and random chaos.Since then, there have been multiple updates, good things like artist his credits, and expensive in-game bundles. Added bad stuff likebut what kind of people TRUE What I wanted was a way to go head-to-head with my friends. Immediately after release Developer promised battle mode for companions Coming in late 2022.afterwards Quietly postponed to 2023But it’s finally arriving tomorrow, so I’m really looking forward to it.

in battle mode marvel snap It’s a little different from how the current game unfolds. Play multiple rounds with a friend using the same deck instead of a single match. Developer Second His Dinner says the match will probably last him about 20 minutes.

Battle mode mechanics marvel snap

Here’s how the developers describe this new mode In a blog earlier this month:

Battle Mode pits two opponents against each other over multiple rounds. Each player starts with his 10 health. Instead of cubes, it matters how much damage the winner does to the loser. If you can reduce your opponent’s physical strength to zero, you win!

In battle mode, the stakes are front and center. SNAP and Retreat each have a special meaning.

Unless there are last minute delays or issuesstarting tomorrow, January 31st, you can challenge your friends to a duel marvel snapOn top of that, many rare and powerful cards have fallen into the series. like shuri and black panther, allowing easy farming from the gathering path. It will also be cheaper in the token shop. Good news everywhere!

Some people may not care about this next battle mode, but I’m very excited. Being able to duel with friends is an important part of any good card game. You will also have to beat your colleagues with your awesome Zab deck. Your games will be better and you will feel like a smart and powerful gamer. If you don’t, you’ll be in such a bad way that you’ll never be able to delete your deck and return to Slack.

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