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Sony vows to ramp up PS5 production to levels ‘never achieved before’

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One of Sony’s top priorities in the future is to increase production of the PlayStation 5 to meet unprecedented demand for consoles.so Explanation to investors (PDF), the company said it hopes to close the sales gap between PS4 and PS5 this year after the new console lags behind its older siblings in 2021.Sony Blame In the quarterly revenue report, PS5 sales are in short supply because the supply chain continues to be in short supply and we cannot build enough units. There is no shortage of demand. Based on the data presented by Sony, it only takes 82 minutes to sell 80,000 PS5 units, but it takes 9 days to sell the same number of PS4s.

The company now expects to be able to produce more units as the supply chain shortage has eased a bit, but the impact of the pandemic on component availability remains a concern. In addition, Sony is concerned that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could affect logistics and potential parts inventories. To mitigate the impact of these issues, Sony plans to source from multiple suppliers “to increase agility in volatile market conditions.” Negotiations are also underway to maintain the optimal delivery route for the console.

By implementing these solutions, the company believes that PS5 sales will be able to overtake PS4 again from next year.Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment Said during the briefing After the initial launch, the company “plans to significantly increase console production. [it] To production level [it has] It has never been achieved. “

Besides discussing PS5 production goals, Sony clearly Expanding PlayStation Studios by acquiring more game studios and increasing investment in live services, PCs and mobile products.We promise to launch 12 unincluded live services in the next few years DestinyBecome a company as part of it Bungie acquisition.. And by 2025, we plan to release half of the year’s first-party releases on PC and mobile. “By expanding to PC and mobile, I have to say … For live services, we are in a very narrow segment of the entire gaming software market, and almost everywhere,” Ryan said. Said. explanation..

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