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Sony Officially Backtracks on PS Plus Discount Scandal, Says It Was an Error

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Update # 3: News PS Plus Upgrades in Asia potentially erode historic discounts that are resonating around the world, Have Sony make a statementThis is a technical error and claims to be resolved now.

The only mistake here is that the company was arrested, but at least the response was swift.

Update # 2: After effectively admitting that it is intended to wipe out past discounts for those considering an upgrade PS Plus Membership, it’s starting to look like Sony has retreated. Perhaps feeling a huge backlash, the company has made some tweaks to its upgrade calculation tool, ignoring previous deals that may have been exploited.

Several images from one user in Thailand show the change.

This whole apologetic story was sick and tired to say the least, so let’s hope the company makes sense and this is the last time we hear this. If you have a stacked subscription, you will still have to pay upfront for the entire period, even if you are upgrading.

Update # 1: Sony Support email From a Hong Kong employee ResetEraIt seems that the platform owner is making sure to revoke the discount on previously purchased subscriptions when the user is considering an upgrade. PS Plus membership. This could be a mistake, and some argued that the organization would never bend so low, but the translated communication suggests something else.

According to Google Translate, this message explains: “If you need to upgrade to the second or third tier of your membership, you must first make up for the difference in the previous discounted price to return to the regular price. Example: One year PS Plus membership At HK $ 308, the discount price was HK $ 187.60, so the difference is HK $ 120.40 divided by the number of months remaining. “

Therefore, those with stacked subscriptions will not only have to prepay the entire membership period to upgrade, but will also eradicate previously earned discounts. Flavor gusting!! I contacted Sony yesterday to clarify whether this policy applies in the West, but I haven’t commented yet.

I sincerely hope that the company is struggling to fix this before it rolls out next month.

original: Sony has about two weeks to avoid a storm of spectacular proportions in the west, assuming news from Asia is consistent here.new PS Plus Released in the country Overnight like Hong Kong or TaiwanHowever, local gamers are absolutely angry with how platform owners handle upgrades. In effect, it wipes out discounts that may have purchased your membership and also requires a prepaid fee to upgrade your stacked subscriptions.

As a result of all this, some users will be given a $ 100 quote to upgrade from a standard bog. PS Plus Essential To PS Plus Extra Also PS Plus Deluxe (Alternative version of PS Plus Premium Available in countries that do not have cloud streaming capabilities). Keep in mind that such instances are limited, as frankly horrifying numbers only apply to people who have accumulated subscriptions years in the future. However, if this also happens in the United States and Europe, the rebound will be very large. The person who stacks up the subscription can be, after all, the most enthusiastic, loyal and loud customer.

To further exacerbate what Asian players are angry with, for example, those with an active PS Plus Essential membership in 2026 are estimated to be priced for four years to upgrade to PS Plus Extra or PS Plus Deluxe. increase. For example, there is no way to upgrade for a year and then return to PS Plus Essential at the end of that period. Sony charges the upgrade difference, but some of the prepaid fees shared are enormous.

To make matters worse, the Japanese giants are immeasurable. PS store.. So, for example, if you choose to buy a membership and then upgrade while it’s on sale, the price difference will be large and you’ll lose your initial savings. This basically means retroactively eliminating transactions that you may have offered in your subscription in the past – UnthinkableTRUE.

There is enough evidence online to confirm that this is all happening in Asia right now, but of course it could be handled differently in the West. Contact Sony to see how they are working on this issue in North America and Europe and update if there is a reply. However, if this is the route the company is planning, it’s probably a good idea to adopt a staggered launch, as it will take weeks of course modifications before the fuss occurs.

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