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Sony estimates its PC games sales will jump 375% over next year

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Sony’s latest financial forecast, incorporated in Wednesday’s presentation to investors, found that the company disclosed a lot about different technologies and entertainment platforms.Still, for the presentation Ton to say about that game space.. Not surprisingly, Sony’s Gaming and Network Services segment will have global sales of hardware, software, and other products during its Fiscal Year ’21 ending March 2022. Reached $ 25.1 billion.The game department reported until the end of the fiscal year in June Fiscal Year 2020 Sales of $ 15.37 billion in June 2021.. )

One page stood out as I perused the company’s presentation, which combined current numbers with future prospects. It brings “exponential growth” to the slate of PC games. The result is arguably Sony’s most bullish recognition of the number of Sony games that can land on the PC in the next nine months, including the previous PlayStation limited edition.

How many games will you distribute to $ 300 million?

ソニーが提供したこのスライドでは、重要な詳細は明確にされていませんが、SIEの社長であるジムライアンは、これらの見積もりが<em> Destiny 2</em>Or its DLC.  “src =” https://cdn.arstechnica.net/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/sony-pc-port-chart-980×543.png “width =” 980 “height =” 543 “”/></a><figcaption class=
expansion / / This slide provided by Sony does not reveal important details, but SIE President Jim Ryan said these estimates were made. No Record either sales Destiny 2 Or its DLC.

Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony needs new games and many more to reach their 2010 sales forecasts. PC game sales for the last two fiscal years totaled around $ 115, driven by three ports to Windows dedicated to the previous PlayStation 4. Horizon Zero Dawn, Days GoneWhen God of War (2018)..

Still, Sony claims that next year’s PC game sales will be $ 300 million. That’s a 375% year-over-year increase, almost three times the total PC gaming sales over the last two years.That bold quote will only be bolder if you clear the obvious question: No, Sony No Including sales of Destiny 2Developed by Sony recently acquired studio BungieAs part of this quote.

Instead, Sony Interactive Entertainment President Jim Ryan showed that the drive is partially fueled by a previously announced PC port. Uncharted: Legacy of Sieves Collection (Including both Uncharted 4 And its half sequel Lost heritage), With two “unreleased” games. Ryan didn’t reveal whether the two games in question were just an unreleased port of an existing PlayStation console game, or a brand new game or franchise to be released on PC and PlayStation at the same time. ..

In any case, in the short term, SIE has not yet released the latest PC games with over $ 40 million in revenue in a calendar year. Its latest three PC ports are undoubtedly on the downtrend of declining revenue.If you want to be particularly optimistic about per-game revenue, SIE is at least Five To get closer to a bullish quote, a new PC game will be launched, all sold at the level of fuss.

Nvidia’s $ 2021 Tea Leaves, New Survey

Oddly enough, the best resource we can rely on for the potential of Sony PC ports comes from the infamous “Nvidia Leak”. Stub entry posted to Nvidia’s GeForce NOW server in September 2021 (When More in November).There was a leak A few Confirm the fare that has not been fully announced, such as the truth to it Grand Theft Auto Definitive Trilogy When Ruined King: A League of Legends Story.. It also included two PC ports that Sony finally announced.

The remaining games in the September 2021 list are in alphabetical order:

  • Devil’s soul
  • Déraciné
  • Ghost of Tsushima
  • Gran Turismo 7
  • Helldivers 2
  • Horizon Forbidden West
  • “Ratchet & Crank” (without subtitles to clarify which sequel)
  • Return
  • Sackboy: Great Adventure

Note that the list skips the PlayStation-specific franchise. Marvel Spider-Man When Our lastIn favor of unexpected titles like, From Software PlayStation VR Limited Unpublished sequel to 2015 twin stick shooter.. In other words, it’s not a comprehensive list of the best-selling console monopolies. Still, it’s not yet clear which of these was officially submitted to Nvidia by Sony as the planned PC port, and if any, was given the Nvidia stub page by mere guesswork.

Two games from that list, Return When Ghost of TsushimaAlso appeared in November Github leak of potential PC game launch from Nvidia server— However, at the time, these two games had a PC porting date, and it’s gone. Sony and Nvidia can argue plausible deniability for these lists, but even if they frown on the recent inclusion of PS5 exclusive products, they will make $ 300 million in annual revenue. You will want to reread them as a way to. (On the other hand, Sony’s unpleasant decision To link Gran Turismo 7 Always online server structure At least the high-speed truck will be paved towards the PC. )

However, Sony’s PC porting plans have been rocking over the next year and have sowed seeds for their bullish growth. Acquired Nixxes, a powerhouse for porting PC games Almost a year ago. What’s even more interesting within the framework of this week’s PC revenue estimates is yet As you haven’t seen the outcome of that acquisition Nixxes did not contribute to development God of War (2018) Port It was released earlier this year.

The rest of the presentation shows that PC gaming sales will grow further over the next few years, along with a similarly bullish push for new games on smartphone platforms. By 2025, SIE predicts that half of the game launch output will be on the PlayStation 5, and the other half will be split between the PC and mobile platforms by about 60/40 each. Also, publishers who focused primarily on one-off Triple A games during the PlayStation 4 era have announced their intention to release far more “live service” games, two unannounced by the end of 2010. The game is here. It will be operated by Sony by the end of 2013.

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