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Sonic Frontiers leaks ahead of release date

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Sonic Frontier leaks have surfaced ahead of next week’s release.

As Prologue Comic and Animation SuggestionSonic Frontiers is more of a story-driven adventure than you might expect, so beware of spoilers online.

Do not worry. I will not share anything here. Instead, here’s the latest trailer.

Sonic Frontier – Showdown Trailer

Details are currently floating on social media as the retailer has reportedly beaten the release date.

There is also a Switch ROM for the entire game discussed on reddit.

That said, Sega seems to be working hard to contain the leak, as posted by the Twitter account SSF1991.

The game’s soundtrack was also leaked, so the game’s sound director also spoke out. It is sad to see people who are

There are sadly a lot of leaks these days. God of War: Ragnarok is also out next week, Spoilers have already appeared.

Director Corey Barlog ‘Silly’ fans should avoid spoilersIt was later released as an official statement Sony Santa Monica fought a leak.

it follows something like Plague Story: Requiem When Gotham Knightswhich also leaked.

sonic team leader Takashi Iizuka recently paid attention to Despite its more open design, Sonic Frontier “has no resemblance” to Breath of the Wild.

Sonic Frontiers launches next week on November 8th on all consoles and PC

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