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Samsung’s 2023: Time for a Refresh?

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samsung is a machine, constantly inventing new products to better serve the more diverse people in this world than ever before. The company literally has phones in every market for every possible category of buyer. They have durable phones with military-grade hardware and the largest mid-range lineup of extremely expensive foldables, high-end flagships, and devices you probably won’t remember all their names for. I have. This has obviously worked out for them, but they’ve completely taken over the Android ecosystem and been the number one OEM for a while now, and I don’t mind the US market getting a little refreshed. Please give me.

When I talk about updates, I’m only talking about devices that sell heavily here in the US. That means the Galaxy Z line, Galaxy S line, and Galaxy Watch models.

For each of these lines, the whole thing feels a little tedious because you don’t even have to look at leaks or renders to know what to expect in a calendar year. We can vouch for the launch of two models: the Ultra, the Z Fold 5, the Z Flip 5, and the Galaxy Watch 6.When it comes to hardware differentiators, all phones have their camera scattered on the back Like this year’s Galaxy S22 Ultra (header image). After that, everything is the same size.This is my guess, but it’s already happening Reported as possible in September.

And that’s the current state of Android hardware. The main difference between phone-to-phone migration and OEM-to-OEM migration is behind the scenes. Companies spend a lot of money on their design departments to make the backs of their phones look great because when all devices have big screens, there is no room for differentiation on the front. Some people are doing well (Google) than others (one plus). This is a subjective opinion, so it’s okay if you disagree.

galaxy watch 5 pro

Back at Samsung, what I’d like to see isn’t really a change in hardware or software or anything, but instead maybe they just want something to surprise them. I’m not asking you to stop. I wish Samsung would change something, whether it’s in their lineup of these devices or something bigger. I want the Galaxy S22 Ultra in terms of specs, but with a Galaxy S22 size body. Give me a really good little phone. These tiny phones are always winning the spec shaft. Apple does a pretty good job of ensuring that when you buy an iPhone “Pro”, whether it’s big or small, you get a very similar experience. Not everyone wants a weird monster phone. That’s what I want for him in 2023. Two models of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, one large and one small. Is it viable? In 2023, probably not.

It may be too late for Samsung to surprise anyone in 2023, but 2024 will see something dramatic happen following reports that 2022 sales aren’t as good as expected. could be years. These companies are constantly adjusting their strategies and line-ups to match the market, so in KG’s words, “anything goes!”

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