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Samsung shows off its 200MP camera sensor with the animal we’ll be taking the most pics of anyway

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The internet was created for cat pictures

At least some of the components of your cell phone today are likely to be made by Samsung, whether or not they are named on the box. From displays to flash storage, vibration motors and camera sensors, to name a few, Korean companies probably already have factories. Even with such success, there is always the temptation to show off, especially if you’re developing new high-end hardware. Currently, Samsung has megapixels in its brain and is aiming to promote the recently announced 200MP sensor. In a spectacular way..

The protagonist of the show here is Samsung’s ISOCELL HP1 camera sensor. This is a very new 200MP component that hasn’t been installed on any smartphone yet, and the team had to set up a test board just to use it. So, in addition to the many tuning and advanced algorithmic magic you get with a Galaxy phone, you may have missed the fact that the subject was literally a cat (the fur baby never stands still), but here. The result was still pretty impressive — at least it looked so sharp that Samsung wanted to print it on a huge 28×22 meter canvas made of 12 stitches 2.3 meters long. Of the building. Samsung had a point to prove the sensor’s ability to capture ultra-detailed shots, and it certainly feels like it was.

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The ISOCELL HP1 camera sensor Announced last September, its crazy, high-density 200MP resolution is the first in the industry.Current phones don’t have it, but we’re hoping to get to know it with upcoming hardware. Motorola Frontier.. The sensor uses Samsung’s updated pixel binning technology to optimize light sensitivity based on changing shooting environments with the help of the latest deep learning algorithms. That sounds nice, but you have to wait for yourself to get this hardware before making a real decision.

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