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Samsung foldable laptop looks like an oversized Galaxy Z Fold 4

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Last updated: Nov 23, 2022 16:20 UTC+01:00

2023 is foldable smartphone and notebookSamsung’s plans for next year aren’t entirely clear, but what’s certain from previous demonstrations of Samsung Display is that the company has experimented with foldable display technology applied to a variety of form factors, including laptops. . Now, the company appears to have another patent for a foldable laptop design.

The foldable laptop in question is just that. Galaxy Z Fold 4 When used in landscape orientation in flex mode. A virtual keyboard and trackpad can be placed at the bottom of the screen, while the top half of the foldable display is reserved for content. (via 91 mobiles)

This could be the same concept as the Galaxy Book Fold 17

With this patented concept design, Galaxy Bookfold 17 Exhibited by Samsung at SID 2021. However, this patented design appears to have a narrower aspect ratio than the Book Fold 17, making it look like the oversized Galaxy Z Fold 4. It was published this week, but was filed several years ago. So this is an idea Samsung has had for at least a few years.

That said, it’s worth reiterating that patent filing is no guarantee that the idea will be realized through commercial devices. The patent could be Samsung’s way of securing its own ideas and preventing rival companies from stealing them.

When it comes to the folding laptop concept, this design metaphorically benefits flexibility. The bottom half of the display on such devices can turn into almost any tool, from virtual keyboards to other types of input devices, color wheels in photo-editing apps, and buttons and knobs in music-making software.

This is a great idea, but its practicality is debatable. Apple has tried something similar with the Touch Bar on his MacBook, and it’s been pretty limited, but with physical function keys and buttons.He found shortcuts more convenient and practical for professional users. , eventually gave up.

Nevertheless, samsung You may want to demonstrate that cutting-edge foldable display technology can be applied to more form factors. Except maybe a rotatable smartphone, next could be a laptop. We’ll have to wait and see what 2023 has in store for us.

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