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Resident Evil 4 Remake Adds Sidequests, Makes Other Changes

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In fact, Leon can block Chainsaw Man’s (Capcom version) overhead.
screenshot: Capcom/Kotaku

new game informer In the cover story, Capcom detailed some changes for the much-anticipated remake resident evil 4 is based on a highly influential horror game.

One of the major changes coming to RE4 The remake is Ashley Graham (not a super model) comes into play in scenes where the main character, Leon S. Kennedy, must escort and protect her.in the original RE4players had to keep an eye on Ashley’s health bar to make sure enemies didn’t take her away. Could not execute.

In the remake, Ashley no longer has a health bar.President Graham’s dumbo ear girl If Leon takes too much damage while trying to escort her to safety from Las Plagas, she will go into a downed state and must be revived. IGN report.

According to a Capcom rep, this change to Ashley’s gameplay mechanics was made to make her “feel like a more natural companion rather than a babysitter’s second health bar.”

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Another change coming to RE4’s remake is weapon durability, specifically for Leon’s combat knife. As seen at the end of Extended last October gameplay trailer, Leon’s trusty knife, which can fend off chainsaws, costs a lot of money. Instead of carrying around “old-fashioned trustworthiness” throughout, RE4 Leon’s knives degrade over time, but players can have multiple knives in their inventory, taking the form of Leon’s iconic attache case.

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Sidequest in progress RE4 remake.according to IGN, with blue flyers scattered throughout the game, you can get optional tasks that can be completed as side quests. lastly, game informer The cover story mentions quicktime events, a frequent element of the original RE4this aspect of the remake was also mentioned in previous interviews, but was effectively removed.

“I think there are ‘almost’ no QTEs. I can’t say that there are no QTEs at all, because everyone defines a QTE differently, but I can say that there are no prompts to press buttons in the middle of cutscenes,” says Yoshiaki Hirabayashi. says the producer. IGN in a previous interview.

resident evil 4 (remake) is set to release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S on March 24th.

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