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Rapha’s newest MTB Gore-Tex jacket, a Scott wet-weather one-piece and PNW’s smallest Pebble multi-tool

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Rapha Trail Goretex Infinium Jacket

Alex is wearing a size M. She is 178 cm tall and weighs 75 kg.
Alex Evans/Our Media

Rapha produces a range of attractive mountain bike and cycling apparel. That’s thanks to the brand’s efforts to not only create a premium image, but to offer items that look and work great.

The Trail Gore-Tex Infinium Jacket seems to continue that trend.

As the name suggests, this Rapha mountain bike jacket is constructed using a 3-layer Gore-Tex Infinium material.

According to Gore, the Infinium fabric is windproof, breathable and has “unique water repellency.”

Made from Gore-Tex Infinium fabric, it is water resistant rather than waterproof.
Alex Evans/Our Media

Parting your hair a bit, the choice of wording means that Rapha’s Trail jacket isn’t claimed to be waterproof, so future wearers should adjust their expectations accordingly.

However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t feature-packed.

Its inner surface is made from C-KNIT, another Gore material claimed to be stretchable and soft next to the wearer’s skin.

The over-the-helmet hood has a single drawcord at the back that pulls tight on the elastic cord that runs all the way around the hood. This is designed to keep the hood in place during inclement weather.

It has two chest pockets (one on each side), one inside and one outside.

Lightweight material is used under the arms to improve breathability and increase the wearer’s range of motion.

Available in 4 colors (blue/navy in the photo) and 6 sizes from extra-small to extra-large. The medium size jacket weighed 307g on my scale.

Of course, the aforementioned Rapha image and quality comes at a price, with the trail jacket retailing at £275 / $375 / €325.

PNW Component Pebble Tool

Pebble is designed to offer the most commonly used tools for trailside repairs in the smallest package.
Alex Evans/Our Media

PNW Components’ Pebble Tool is a minimal and lightweight (51g) way to do trailside repairs.

It will likely appeal to riders who tend not to bring backpacks or hip packs to the trail, bridging the gap between a full roster of tools and nothing.

Its smooth, rounded corners and blunt shape help reduce the chances of wreaking havoc on your pocket liner or, worst of all, causing injury.

The tool includes 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm Allen keys and a T25 Torx key hidden under the single Dynaplug tubeless repair plug.

Only one repair plug is included, but you can purchase a 5-pack of compatible Dynaplug refills directly from PNW for $12.99.

Its small size (65x21x15mm) means it’s only slightly larger than a SRAM AXS battery, so even the most weight-conscious ‘free-riding’ biker should have room for tools.

Bluegrass Rogue Core MIPS Helmet

The peak and helmet shell have unbroken lines.
Alex Evans/Our Media

Rogue Core MIPS mountain bike helmet Bluegrass’ top of the line open face product.

It uses an in-mold EPS liner and a polycarbonate shell with a protective foam liner built into the outer shell.

This makes the helmet easier to manufacture, but also reduces weight. The medium Rogue Core MIPS weighs 366g.

On the safety side, it incorporates MIPS-C2, which is claimed to reduce the chance of brain injury from rotational impact. The brim is adjustable, but is made from a flexible material that deforms on impact.

A vent on the outside of the peak doubles as eyeglass storage, and the lid is claimed to accommodate goggles and eyeglasses. increase.

To adjust the fit, there’s a 360-degree circumference and height-adjustable cradle called Safe-T Heta, and the buckle uses Fidlock’s magnetic technology. Sweatliner is gel padded for added comfort.

There are 16 vents to aid cooling, and the EPS liner forms air channels that help focus fresh air flow.

Scott Trail Storm WP One Piece

The one-piece design is well concealed and the jacket looks separate from the trousers.
Alex Evans/Our Media

One-piece riding clothing is nothing new.

Endura has MT500 When single track One piece while dirt tray – who arguably made the original bike-specific onesies – offer several models.

Naturally, now that the material is more breathable and lessons learned from the first one piece, other brands want a slice of the one piece pie.

Scott’s Trail Storm WP One Piece is the brand’s first fully waterproof integrated model.

The trousers and jacket are inseparable, with the back hem of the jacket and the top panel on the back of the trousers sewn together to prevent dirt, water, and mud from getting on the wearer’s skin.

Made with Scott’s DRYOsphere 3L fabric.
Alex Evans/Our Media

However, it’s a slightly different story at the front, where the jacket is more traditionally open and separated from the bottom.

This serves the purpose of being able to remove the jacket, roll it up and store it in a rear-facing pouch without removing the pants. If you’re on a hot climb or in between heavy rains, this looks like a great feature.

The Trail Storm’s one-piece jacket folds into a storage compartment so the trousers can be worn separately.
Alex Evans/Our Media

DRYOsphere’s 3-ply material is claimed to have a waterproof pole rating of 30,000mm and a moisture evaporation rate of 30,000g/m2/24 hours.

Practically speaking, this means it has to be very waterproof and well-ventilated.

The hood can be folded down but still has enough room to fit over a helmet.

There’s a full-length two-way leg zipper that helps with ventilation, but it also makes it easier to take the onesie on and off without removing your shoes.

Available in one black color that is great for hiding mud stains ( POC Khaki Consort Dungaree), but it comes in six sizes, from extra-small to extra-large.

The medium size one I have weighs 665g which is pretty light considering it offers great performance, features and integration.

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