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Quinfall, A New MMORPG By Turkish Developer Vawraek Studios, Makes Bold Claims As It Drops Gameplay Trailer

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Quinfallthe new MMORPG being developed by Turkish developer Vawraek Studios, dropped a gameplay trailer over the weekend and also made some bold claims about the upcoming MMORPG world.

In the showcase trailer released over the weekend, The Quinfall takes place in a medieval setting where players can chop up enemies or use magic to defeat them. The trailer showcases several different fighting styles, from mage gameplay with staves, long-range bow and arrow attacks, to brutal, close-range sword and board gameplay. We also get a glimpse of what appears to be an open-world boss with dozens of players fighting together.

Vawraek said the gameplay seen in the trailer is still in alpha. The website itself claims to utilize Nvidia’s RTX technology his suite, though the trailer states that none are used in the footage. They also occur in a variety of biomes, from deserts to lush green fields to snowy landscapes. Larger cities are also scattered across different worlds, including a fantasy-themed city that evokes the waterways of Venice. Quinfallthe narrator also mentions seeing them on top of mountains and even underground.

Quinfall It also features a weather and season system that not only affects the appearance of the environment, but also the character. The narrator notes that animals and some plants may not be as prevalent in the biome depending on the season. A basin is filled with water. The world also includes player-operated shops and taverns, mini-games, and a music creation system.

The trailer, which is about 12 minutes long, shows a lot. highlights many of the features that come with Quinfallsailing, base building, mountaineering, time travel, etc.

Developed on Unity, Vaurak website claims this MMORPG will feature the world’s largest in-game universe, with the video’s narrator clocking in at 2016 square kilometers. Vawraek claims players will embark on a journey to “determine the fate of Middle-earth.” (The Tolkien House must have something to say).

You can check out the full trailer in the embed above. The website is currently accepting applications for the closed beta test.

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