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ProtonMail is rebranding and adding a lot more storage to all its plans

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For privacy conscious people, ProtonMail is one of the better options for secure email — get a (certainly basic) account for free and communicate when sending messages to other ProtonMail users. You can enjoy end-to-end encryption. But the company’s plans are a bit out of date. The free account only comes with 500MB of storage, but the € 4 / month plan has some other restrictions, such as a maximum number of messages sent per day, which makes it a reasonable 4GB of storage. ..

However, starting today, the company will make it easier to go all-in to ProtonMail and other services it offers, such as VPNs, cloud storage, and encrypted calendars. Going forward, ProtonMail will simply rebrand as Proton, pushing the entire suite of privacy-focused services and updating all plans. The company has a new website (proton.me) that allows both new and existing users to use the @ proton.me address instead of the old @ protonmail.com option.


Going forward, Proton will offer three plans: Free, Mail Plus and Unlimited. The new free tier expands storage to 1GB and remains fairly limited. For example, you can only send 150 messages per day and you have 3 labels and folders. This plan is limited to one calendar, but you can also access basic ProtonVPN tools and your Proton Calendar. Proton has long said that it’s not too surprising that the free plan is limited because it doesn’t serve ads and relies on subscriptions for revenue.

The Mail Plus plan costs € 5 a month, but you can get it cheaper if you sign up for a one-year or two-year contract at a time. However, this is a major upgrade to the old plan. Users can now share 15GB of storage between their email and Proton Drive cloud storage accounts. There is no limit to the number of messages you can send or the number of labels and folders you can create. It also supports an IMAP email client via the Proton Bridge tool. There are also additional features such as a new “short domain” email alias (@ pm.me) that you can use to send and receive messages, and 20 calendars that you can share with others.

Finally, the unlimited plan costs € 12 per month. The company positions it as a way to get the top tier of all services at once. This means a total of 500 GB of storage, making ProtonDrive much more viable for people using it as a backup service. Proton Mail can be used with up to 3 different custom domain addresses (from one of the Mail Plus plans) and a total of 15 different email addresses (from 10 to Mail Plus).

Proton VPN


However, the big difference is that you can take advantage of full-fledged ProtonVPN with the Unlimited plan, rather than the more basic options that come with the other two Proton plans. This includes up to 10 VPN connections instead of one, a total of over 1,700 servers across 63 countries (rather than 100 servers in 3 countries), and faster connections. For the time being, Proton will continue to offer VPN as a standalone product. You can get the details and a breakdown of what you get with the basic free VPN and the full version. Here..

For those unfamiliar with the world of Proton, the company now has an iOS app for email and VPN services, and an Android app for email, VPN and calendars. The Drive Cloud storage option is technically still in beta, so there is no mobile app yet. Scheduled for later this year.

Proton hasn’t made any major updates other than integrating email services and other apps with new design languages, but has made some updates in the last few months. Last month, the iOS Mail app got some design updates and a dark mode, as well as a “conversation” mode to make message threads easier to read. In February, Proton turned on encrypted search in the Mail web app and added a tracking pixel blocker in January.

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