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Proton unifies all of its services, including Proton Mail, under a single roof

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Meet proton.me, the new home for Proton’s ultra-safe services

A popular encrypted privacy-focused email service, Protonmail, Has been around for many years now. As it grew, the company expanded its offerings to several other services. Proton VPN When Proton calendar.. Today, the company is wrapping it all around with the latest integration efforts, bringing all Proton services, including ProtonMail, under one umbrella.

Proton Andyen’s founder and CEO shares it Proton Mail can be found alongside all other Proton ventures Act as a centralized hub on the new website proton.me. Users have one account for all Proton services, including Proton Mail, Proton VPN, and Proton Drive. Think of this as how Google’s services work. One account can be used for all accounts and all accounts can be accessed from the main Google website. As part of this move, Proton is also introducing a new logo fleet.

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Proton .me domain First used by the Protonmail team As an additional domain option for new and existing accounts, but now all protons have been moved to that domain. But don’t worry. You will not lose your current email address. When you register for a new Proton account, you can choose to use your new @ proton.me address or your old @ protonmail.com domain. Similarly, your [email protected] address will continue to be good.

In reality, this is basically just a rebranding that doesn’t change much for you as an end user. However, this is an important step as Proton introduces privacy-focused services and is far from just Proton Mail.


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