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PlayStation 5 Getting Discord Voice Integration, Other Features

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sony only announced Tons of new features currently in development.Features such as support for 1440p output teased for for a while On the other hand, it feels like things like the ability to natively join Discord voice chat should have been announced earlier than a few years into the console’s lifecycle.

You won’t get access to these features first unless you’re picked for beta, but they look pretty promising. Finally, you’ll be able to make Discord calls directly from your PlayStation 5 and show the game you’re playing to the person you’re talking to (similar to mobile and desktop).

The PS5 will have other notable social features. Finally, you’ll be able to request a screen share directly from your friend’s profile, join a game session from the Party chat, and see what games your friend owns on their account. If you’re picky about who can join your game (like me), don’t worry.

These additions could be a huge boon to the multiplayer ecosystem Sony has been trying to build since then. Acquired Bungie at $3.6 billion.and according to financial phone Since last year, multiplayer has been the number one reason PlayStation Plus users continue to pay monthly for Sony’s game subscription service.

Even if multiplayer isn’t your thing, Sony is developing features that apply to all PlayStation owners. What I’m most excited about is the ability to capture video using voice commands. No manual fiddling with details. You can create presets for average clip lengths.

If you recently upgraded to a current-gen console, you probably remember that saving and transferring games was a big pain point. Currently, the only way to shuffle your PlayStation 4 saves to your new console was to dig into your cloud storage. PlayStation Plus subscribers will eventually be able to automatically transfer save data between their individual PS5s in no time, even if they haven’t paid for Sony’s games subscription service. can be transferred.the average person Protect multiple consoles.

If you’re lucky enough to receive a beta signup email, you’ll be the first to preview these features. So please check your inbox carefully.

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