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Overwatch 2’s new tank hero Ramattra revealed at OWL Grand Finals

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the next hero overwatch 2 It’s not exactly new.the player is glimpse himan omnic activist known as Ramatra, more than three years ago, overwatch Archive event called storm risingThat event’s cliffhanger revelation that the menacing Omnic is teaming up with villain Doomfist finally came to fruition at Friday’s Overwatch League Grand Finals. overwatch 2 next month.

Ramatra joins the battle overwatch 2 It was added to the roster on December 6 and debuted alongside the game’s second season. He becomes his 11th tank character in the game and brings unique mechanics to his group of tanks. Ramatra has two forms of him, the standard omnic form and his second form, which is monstrous, called Nemesis.

In his standard omnic form, Ramattra fights using a staff that can fire projectiles and create barriers to protect the team. When equipped, he becomes a giant brawler with powerful melee attacks that can inflict terror on the opposing team’s Squeeze. Overwatch developers described Ramattra’s transformation as “terrifying” and “menacing”, transforming him from a fairly standard-sized hero into one of the game’s biggest heroes. The more aggressive Nemesis changes to his form make him more powerful, but are also subject to attacks like Ana’s Sleeping His Darts and Zenyatta’s Orb He’s of Discord.

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

However, Ramattra offers tank players new gameplay opportunities, allowing them to decide whether to defend their team with ranged attacks and barriers, or aggressively lead charges into battle. Lead his hero According to his designer Alec Dawson, his punches can penetrate barriers while Nemesis is in his form, countering “bubbles” from heroes such as Winston and Zarya. Offers.

Blizzard didn’t reveal much about Ramattra’s ability kit or his stats at Thursday’s press conference, instead focusing on Omnic’s narrative place in the Overwatch universe.

According to Blizzard’s official origin story, Ramattra was created as an Omnic Crisis war machine, but he laid down his weapons and sought tranquility with Zenyatta. For a while, Ramattra followed that peaceful path, and eventually he led the Null Sector to fight for the survival of his people by any means necessary.

“Omnics and humans tried to coexist, but as we’ve seen in lore, it didn’t work out,” said lead narrative designer Gavin Jurgens-Fyhrie. “Ramatra grew impatient, tired of waiting. He founded this organization with some allies to fight for the freedom of the Omnic people and win their safety at all costs.” formed.”

Ramatras hold mangled omnic bodies, surrounded by mobs of angry humans wielding makeshift weapons.

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

favorite KirikoRamattra seems to roll out to the player via overwatch 2battle pass ofPlayers who paid for the premium version of that pass can get him right away, while other players will have to level up and unlock the free version of the pass. When asked if Blizzard planned to change the Battle Pass level required for Ramatra releases (55 for Chirico), art director Dion Rogers said the Overwatch team regularly evaluates its plans. “It’s a constant conversation for our team,” Rogers said.

Ramattra will appear in Season 2 with a new map, but the developer said his relationship with the new hero has not been specified.More heroes are planned, including new support class characters overwatch 2 2023.

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