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One UI Watch beta sign-ups are live in the US with an annoying restriction we should have seen coming

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This is only available from Samsung exclusive member apps

This week Samsung One UI beta program for Galaxy Watch 4 ownersGives wearable fanatics the opportunity to check out future features and changes before the official version is released later this year. The company initially announced plans for South Korean customers to participate without details on when early software would arrive in other regions. Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait long to find out — you can already sign up to participate in the fun in the United States.

People 9to5Google I found that the beta version is available in the Samsung member app, and the carousel displayed the “One UI Watch Beta” splash screen. When you tap the page, when you are signed in with your Samsung account,[通知]You will be presented with the steps required to participate in the program, including selecting the registration options below. You need to sign up to participate, but if you meet the prerequisites, you will be invited to participate when the first beta is released.

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Unfortunately, you need the Samsung member app to sign up, so call Samsung Phone Galaxy watch 4.. This app isn’t available on devices like the Pixel 6, which doesn’t offer many options to non-Galaxy users. Similarly, the required plugins are also provided only through this system. You may be able to work around the restrictions by borrowing someone else’s device and logging in with your account. It delivers OS updates to the watch when it’s ready, but you have to wait for the program to launch and be detected.

If you decide to participate in the program, Samsung will warn you that you have one invitation. Once you unsubscribe (a process that takes 2 days), you will not be able to sign up again. If the company’s first announcement applies, the beta will be removed on June 2nd.


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