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Nintendo, Sony And Xbox Reportedly Skipping E3 2023

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update [Wed 1st Feb, 2023 03:45 GMT]: The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has released a statement on the matter. IGN story – Stated they are still committed to E3. Here is the complete:

As you can see, IGN published an article about E3 last night. While we cannot comment on the specific claims in this article, we would like to share our commitment to moving E3 forward.

E3 has a rich history in our industry and it’s always reassuring to feel our passion for the show and hear what it means to different people. Bringing the trade fair back to life after a three-year hiatus and a global pandemic has always been a challenge. That’s why we conducted extensive research (in consultation with ESA member companies) to identify the best partners to produce E3. By choosing ReedPOP as our partner, we were able to leverage their rich history of hosting popular industry events such as PAX as well as broader consumer shows such as Comic Con.

We are making great strides in restructuring the event and have received tremendous support not only for E3 2023, but also from industry players of all sizes thinking about how E3 fits into their marketing plans for 2024 and beyond. increase.

It is important to note that as the show evolves and adapts, it does not affect the core of ESA’s work for member companies. Our priority is to defend your policy interests at the state and federal levels.

We will share E3 news and developments as they become available. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your continued patronage.

Original work [Tue 31st Jan, 2023 00:45 GMT]: E3 will return as a physical event in 2023 for the first time in four years. A return to form was expected for one of his biggest showcases on the gaming calendar, but it looks like he may be missing a major player.

According to IGN’s ‘Exclusive’, gaming media outlets have been informed by ‘multiple knowledgeable sources’ that Nintendo, Sony and Xbox will not be in the fun at E3 2023 and will not be ‘present’ at the show. Floor of the Los Angeles Convention Center.

It’s no surprise that Nintendo doesn’t host a showcase at the event, but the Japanese company has traditionally maintained a booth at E3 each year, as the report notes.

The article mentions how PlayStation initially dropped out of the event in 2019 due to a “reported disagreement” with the ESA.

In a statement last September, ReedPop said it was ready to “reunite the industry” at its annual gaming event. full dDisclosure: Nintendo Life and its hookshot media Our sister site is affiliated with ReedPop.

ReedPop issued a statement to IGN about its report, suggesting that negotiations are underway with “many of the biggest companies in the industry.”

E3 is a very important event for the gaming industry, and being entrusted with important cultural touchstones is not a responsibility that ReedPop takes lightly. Since he signed the contract to run E3 six months ago, ReedPop has worked diligently with ESA members based on their feedback to create a new type of his E3 that supports their goals and needs. has been created.

This process has taken time due to the large number of stakeholders providing input, but we are grateful that we have been able to be more transparent with questions that are still finalizing answers. We work tirelessly to create a show that brings together the global gaming industry. We believe we have created a new format for the event that serves the needs of both the industry and its fans, and we are committed to building and growing it in the years to come.

We spent much of 2022 fleshing out E3 2023 and, reflecting the feedback we solicited, didn’t send out a single contract to our exhibitors until earlier this month. We’ve received tremendous interest and verbal commitments from many of the industry’s biggest companies, and when we’re ready to announce our exhibitors, we’re confident it will be a line-up that will make your trip to Los Angeles worthwhile. . industry and consumers.

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