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New Meta smartwatch breaks cover, brings Android, not Wear OS

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Leaked images reveal that Meta is working on smartwatches again to embody the Metaverse hardware ecosystem. This watch is built on Android, not Wear OS.

Last year it was reported that Meta had dropped the plan The hardware was extensively leaked at the time to release an Android-powered smartwatch.Today, courtesy of the leaker Kuba Wojciechowskiwe can see the second generation of the Meta smartwatch, which does not seem to deviate much from the previous design.

As before, the second-generation Meta smartwatch is powered by a Qualcomm SoC running a customized version of Android instead of Google’s Wear OS platform. Up until this point, Meta has used Android extensively on their hardware. VR headset “Metaquest” series Use Google’s OS as a baseline.

Similarly, this new smartwatch uses the same detachable frame design, allowing the Meta wearable to be removed from the wrist while the band is still on. The main reason for being detachable remains the same, as the watch contains two cameras: one low-res camera in a teardrop notch on the front and a higher-res camera on the underside.

Dubbed the “V1,” Meta’s first attempt at a smartwatch presented a challenge with the placement of the second camera. The company is reported to have encountered a conflict between the camera and gestures for nerve signals (electromyography). Perhaps the new design will allow these two hardware features to coexist better.

A new photo provided to Wojciechowski by an anonymous source shows that the overall form factor remains relatively unchanged, although the bottom sensor has been tweaked. On the front, the new watch face is pictured with a simple blue design and a red seconds hand.

According to sources, Meta plans to ship the smartwatch to customers “so that users can begin to familiarize themselves with the form factor” before using it on “Metaverse-related devices.” However, the planned release date of the smartwatch has not been disclosed.

What do you think of Meta’s second attempt at a watch form factor? Would you buy a smartwatch designed for the Metaverse? Let us know in the comments.

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